Out of control into freedom


Moving from a PC to a Mac has been one big learning curve.  I am not sure I realized the extent of what would be taking place, including culling through my very big database of contacts one-by-one to merge the data that came from three systems, or having to re-enter a significant amount of data to the calendar that would not transfer from my calendar program.  But, in addition, every action I take (down to the placement of my fingers on my newly spaced keyboard) is brand new.  All the command keys are new.  Command+Shift+D to send an email took getting used to because on a PC that is deleting.  


Sometimes the drama, reaction, or frustration that I experienced seemed at the time completely justified.  In actuality it was a big waste of energy expended, not to mention the not-so-positive effect it had on the people interacting with me in the process.  Bless you all!


I could have chosen to laugh more in the learning process.  My entitlement pattern, and comfort zones were shinning for all to see.  Even I got tired of it.  One day, while fully immersed in my drama, my friend reminded me that mastering the Mac would be similar to entering a new relationship that I profess to want.  We had a good laugh.


You might ask why I decided to make this transition given how challenging it has been.  I would reply that having the knowledge of both PC and Mac technology supports my work with clients.  Beyond that, however, is the real gift of this change which has been a transition from control to freedom.  To learn something completely new and open up my brain and creativity to the process required being completely out of control and out of my comfort zone. 


Mac lovers would say…oh, the Mac is so much more intuitive you won’t have any problem.  As one who is extremely intuitive that was not my experience.  I actually find the Mac more simplistic (even though sophisticated) and I would use the word obvious or perhaps logical vs. intuitive.  I do find the Mac allows for greater creativity and in its simplicity is easy to use.


It took a little over a month to feel comfortable with the Mac which is probably due to all the data glitches.  What I noticed during my intense learning curve was that watching, listening, and observing was the essential behavior needed, and, when I allowed it to trump the frustration, the action needed to solve the situation in the moment was delivered.  


My try-hard pattern was not very helpful.  Using a Mac requires allowing the learning to unfold.  I actually have to go slower (which is always a good thing for me) as the track pad moves at lightning speed.  If I am also moving fast, things end up deleted or in the wrong place.


I am delighted by the feeling and the flow of a Mac.  I can move around the screen with the swipe of one, two or three fingers and, voila, everything is visible.  The experience of fluid motion is expansive.  Constriction and restriction is not something I would have used to describe how I operated in the past on the PC, but now that I have moved over to the Mac, I am noticing new behaviors emerging. 


It has been refreshing to let go of old systems, ways of doing things, files no longer applicable and old email that didn’t transfer accurately from my PC program.  It’s a fresh start that has brought with it great freedom.


It is not a coincidence that other areas of my life are also being refreshed.  I am loving the freedom (even if it arrived later in the process) of letting go of the comfortable, the familiar, and the known and venturing out into something brand new and unpredictable.  Change is guaranteed to kick your butt along the way yet deliver freedom at the other end.  



Martha Invitations

1.  Is there an area of your life you would like to upgrade or change that would be a learning curve?

2.  The next time you find yourself reacting or frustrated, ask yourself to move into observation for a new next step.

3.  Celebrate the small freedoms of successfully learning or doing something new.


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