Martha Treats #151


Our Inner Awareness


The design of the system I work with is to allow us to do our thinking as we receive new information through email, paper, texts, phone calls, and identify the next outer action to get us moving towards completion.  Those outer actions are for the most part easy to define after asking enough questions and figuring out what is first in the sequence of things. 


There is another piece of the puzzle that goes on that is not an outer process at all and has little to do with the mind.  If we can allow and listen to our inner awareness and attunement before actually defining the outer actions, we can have the experience of a whole other paradigm of working.  The essence of who we are never goes on automatic, doesn’t rush, listens, observes and is relaxed simply being.  That living breathing part of us has what we need if we are willing to connect before we run about doing our life the way we think it should go.


I know when I surrender my ego that thinks it knows what is best for me, and wait for a moment, asking that inner knowing part of me for direction, I am humbled.  The direction offered is usually more purposeful.  It’s quite magical.


For example, if the phone rings or I am struggling without success to make something happen, rather than habitually reaching for the phone, or pushing ahead even if futile, I use my own inner awareness for direction. I simply ask myself is it aligned for me to stop what I am doing and answer the call or can you show me a better way to approach what I am struggling to do?  I am often surprised by my own inner wisdom. Suddenly the initial urgency to see who is calling or the struggle to make something happen subsides and I have a clearer more aligned direction.


Building a new habit of listening for our own inner direction opens us to another level of effectiveness that can be quite satisfying and freeing.


Martha Announcements


Diana Chapman and Jim Dethmer, two of my clients, just published a powerful forward thinking book I recommend, titled:  The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership.  You can order it on and share with your teams. 


Martha Invitations

1.  Practice listening before you act.

2.  Insert more pauses into your day to allow for listening.

3.  For the fun of it, don’t answer your phone for a day and listen to the voice messages and read texts as you are inner directed to do.



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