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During the Hour of Focus call today I let my inner knower direct my time. I began a project that spontaneously led to a file on my computer that contained a unrelated file of notes for my next book that I have searched and searched for unsuccessfully.  I was delighted and appreciated the unexpected find that flowed out of spontaneity and inner listening.


I remember living in New York years ago and being overscheduled particularly on the weekends and how unsatisfying it was.  So I experimented and stopped scheduling anything on the weekends and let myself spend Saturdays following the natural flow of completion– not knowing what I would do and allowing whatever showed up.  Those days were always remarkable. I would walk out the front door of my building at the corner of Central Park West and 100th street and follow my gut as to which direction to go.  I would experience creative unusual days and would do and see things that were new, inspiring, simple and sometimes profound.  One of those days I wandered into a store on Columbus Avenue and had the most delightful interaction with the manager who became a dear friend whom I treasure and still am in contact with today.

Keeping things fresh and alive through spontaneity brings in our enthusiasm.  I was in the post office the other day and a woman came right up to me in line and said – I did it. I finished it!  I of course jumped into my own enthusiasm to celebrate her completion.  Everyone around us got in the act and was lifted. And that enthusiasm continued to overflow through the next few interactions. 

Giving ourselves permission to stay in a flow of spontaneity keeps everything fresh and alive – even that in-box if we let it.

Martha Invitations

1.  Unschedule yourself for a day following your heart’s intuition for each move.

2.  Be open to a completely new direction moment to moment.

3.  Attune to your spontaneity as you read email and keep the process fresh and alive.


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