Are you signaling?


The consciousness loves clear direction.  At those times when we react to outer stimuli rather than consciously directing our attention, the outcomes we want to create can get derailed.  If we can give ourselves a signal (such as a pause or deep breath before reacting) we can more easily stay on track.


My dear friend Constance recently moved to her new home in heaven and I had the privilege of being with her in those final weeks.  She gave me many gifts in our friendship and among them this gift of awareness.  We were driving to a radiation treatment and she said she has only one driving rule that she insisted I agree to…always use the car turn signal so everyone is safe.  It was a wake-up call for me as I sometimes don’t signal.  Realizing I was carrying precious cargo (Constance and myself) it got my attention.  She and I had great laughs about the signaling rule and it has stuck with me.  And, the sweet thing is, her loving presence is with me whenever I signal.


Signaling while driving also alerted me to other kinds of signaling.  Do I give myself a heads up when I am about to switch gears or do I just jump ahead and leave part of myself behind?  Do I give others a heads up when I know I am going to be late or am about to do something that could impact them?   Do I prepare myself for what I am about to do or just jump in and wing it? 


When we focus on giving clear signals about our direction it allows us to move congruently from one thing to the next in a more even flow, resulting in that unsettled inner place calming down.  Signaling takes responsibility for clear action.


Thank you, Constance, for insisting that I signal and may God keep you safe.


Martha Invitations

1.  Watch to see if you consistently use turn signals.

2.  Take a moment before moving on to something else and let yourself know what is about to take place. 

3.  If you notice yourself about to react to a person or an email try signaling yourself to breathe or get up and move before responding.


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