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I woke up one morning this week with the words “access to action” floating around in my head and I wrote them down.  I figured they were words for a Treat but I didn’t have the Treat topic yet so I started asking questions.


I know the ways that don’t work for me.  They are:


I can do it later.

It’s not that urgent.

I don’t feel like it.

I would rather do this.


So I asked myselfhow can I receive the enthusiasm and inspiration and access the action that will most serve me?  The answer was stop, listen, and wait for the inner direction for what is next in line to do.


For me this approach of access into action is of a higher order than the pushing, forcing, guilt etc. that I can use to get things moving.


I have been testing this approach this week and it’s quite a lovely way to work.  I noticed my very efficient ordered mind wanting to take charge and I would gently go back to listening and taking the most aligned action.


It takes practice to stop the automatic behaviors we have developed and take a moment to listen past the urgency of the mind and what should be done.  Access to a higher order of action is available when there is a willingness to be patient and to practice the process.


I was intent on getting a Treat out before the end of the year but it cannot be forced as my wise editor, Mary Vaessen, always reminds me.  I am most grateful for the coaching and the allowing of the content to present itself (which it always has). 


So rather than jumping right into the email in-box or whatever else feels pressing, give yourself a few minutes to stand back, settle into yourself, breathe, look at all the choices and relax into the place inside of you that gives you the access to the action that will most serve you. 


I know when I stop to listen and let my day be orchestrated by the wiser part of me, instead of letting my automatic doer direct, a new kind of flow emerges and my intensity softens into greater receptivity.


Receiving is our access into action.  The willingness to just wait and allow what is to come forward can produce amazing gifts, surprises and new directions.  


May we all give ourselves a new flow of action in 2014 and receive what will most serve us and others. 



Martha Invitations

1.  Look at your Next Action list, then close your eyes and ask…what specific Next Action is most aligned to do next? 

2.  When you are looking for inspiration to get moving take a moment to listen and see if there is something needing to be done first that will open up that flow.

3.  Change the pattern of how you start working in the morning.  Pause and listen for inner direction as to where to begin.


Martha Treats, created by Martha Ringer, is distributed to clients and guests.  Comments and suggestions are welcomed, new guests too.



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