Gathering ourselves out of overwhelm


A client emailed me to ask for an emergency session as she was in overwhelm.  As she described what was taking place I experienced her urgency and overwhelm and knew that while she was in that state nothing would seem like a solution. 


Overwhelm tends to spiral us out of control and, in that, we try to explain why things won’t work, that the pace of life is too fast to even have time to put actions on a list, and we make decisions with texts vs. emails.  All of this results in the sense of urgency becoming higher than ever.  I patiently listened to her concerns and beliefs that the system we had set up just isn’t viable anymore.  I smiled inside knowing that the way out of overwhelm is simple, clear and direct—getting back to the lists is essential.


I suggested she gather her thoughts and notes into one spot, process each item one at a time and reestablish her lists.  What seemed impossible suddenly seemed quite doable as her eyes simply rested on everything needing to be done one thing at a time


She realized quite quickly that the feeling of overwhelm was not from the work actions but from the personal family issues that were not being addressed.  Once that was clear and she identified what needed to happen, the feelings of overwhelm subsided.  It all begins with gathering and being willing to look at all the items one at a time.


Yes, the world seems to be moving faster and that means we need to be even more vigilant and disciplined about keeping our minds clear and free of tracking.  We do this by recording actions in a central place that we review regularly.  It is that simple.


Martha Invitations

1.  Give your mind a rest and make sure what you need to do is written down.

2.  Practice a few slow long outbreaths when you feel overwhelmed and then move into one action at a time. 

3.  If things are scattered about simply gather them into a pile and pick up one item at a time and decide the next action.

4.  Join me on the Hour of Focus call August 13 at 9 am PST.  Focus calms the overwhelm.   Notice to follow.



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