Wonderings – another kind of incomplete


How often do we wonder about something to ourselves and not record it as something we might actually carry out?  Or, reveal some heart-filled desires to ourselves only to not move forward on them?   Have we ever said:  “I wish just this once that I would” . . . and then don’t?  And what about our beliefs that we keep repeating to ourselves that are not actually true such as “I can’t do x”


I just completed a wonderful eight-week program called the Whole Life Challenge (  This process had quite an impact on me.  The challenge focuses on health and, in that, you create your own daily workout, and stretching sequences (a minimum of ten minutes each).  They provide you with a list of the foods you can and cannot eat, as well as a new life-style challenge…I won’t spoil it by telling you, in case you do it.  However, this last week has been about completing something each day.  For me completing is already a natural habit so I decided to give myself the challenge of discovering things that were off my radar or were being neglected, but had my attention at some level.  I found three areas of the not so obvious incompletes to bring more consciously to the surface.  


Belief Systems:  What do I tell myself that is just not true?

Wonderings:  What have I been wondering about lately that I might really want to do?

Mindset to shift:  What are the things I have pretended don’t matter?


My belief systems, wonderings and mindsets to shift turned into these very satisfying actions brought to completion.


1.  Walking four miles instead of two…turned out to be a piece of cake.  I am an athlete and I can.

2.  New organic herb plants potted on my terrace and fresh herbs in my salads.  Yum!  I can be a gardener.

3.  Riding my bike and having fun.

4.  Singing to myself with my own made-up words and melody (something my heart requested a while ago).

5.  A new daily practice of stretching for just ten minutes each day… many years in the dreaming. 


I find it amazing that none of these were “on my lists” of Next Actions or Someday/Maybes, but rather just wonderings and thoughts and wishes unacknowledged. I wonder what else might be waiting to be invited into action.



Martha Invitations

1.  Listen to what you wonder about and see if it wants to make it on the To Do list.

2.  Today, do something that makes you giggle.

3.  Watch your thinking and see if there is a habit pattern that can be shifted.


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