Moving from all-at-once to one-at-a-time


The other day I caught myself literally trying to mentally process all at once about six things that needed immediate attention.


I laughed out loud and returned to DOING vs. thinking and chose one-at-a-time which moved each item into action and grace-filled completion.


I am often asked how to shift the trying to do it all at once experience.  My reply is to start moving and actually do one physical step.  I noticed my mind trying to hold all six things at once, thinking that stopping to address each one individually would somehow lose the rest that were all equally important. 


That kind of inner talk stops the movement.  Choosing to take any step moves us out of our mind and into the physical level where things get completed. 


My mind easily imagines typing six emails or making five different calls all at once—yet it is impossible to carry out.  I can actually only type one email or make one call at a time.  Yet my mind (and perhaps yours as well) is forever optimistic about accomplishing the impossible.  While texting allows for talking to a group all at once I am unable to have six individual text conversations simultaneously.  I still have to text each person one at a time. 


I love my imaginative mind and believe it is important to give time each day to believe and imagine the impossible…as the Queen told Alice in Alice in Wonderland:


Alice laughed.  "There is no use trying," she said.  "One can't believe impossible things.  "I daresay you haven't had much practice,” said the Queen.  "When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day.  Why, sometime I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.                                                  Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass


When I give myself that kind of dreamy time believing, I create space in my mind to relax and I can actually do what seemed impossible all-at-once by moving into one-at-a-time.


Martha Invitations

1.  Give yourself plenty of dreaming time.

2.  Stop when the mind starts hallucinating multiple things to do, write them down and then address them one at a time.

3.  Gift yourself a one-at-a-time approach to completing in your life.


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