Donkeys rescued, Black Jack Success, and a new website!  All in this new version of TBAR Talk!

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Hi!  I'm Smokey!

I've been in TBAR a little while, and the foster homes I've lived with have treated me real well, but I'm still waiting for the family that I can call my own.  I love snuggling, kisses, and sleeping in bed.  I'm also a big fan of chasing toys!  Help me find my forever home by passing this note around!  Click here to read more...

Summer 2013 Newsletter

Upgraded Newsletter: You may notice that our newsletter is hitting your inbox a little late this summer, and now you are seeing why!  We have upgraded our newsletter system and hope you like the results.  We hope it leaves you wanting more, and you can get more by visiting our website!

New Website: TBAR was thrilled to launch our new website this past spring.  Have you seen it yet?  Not only do we have some great photos from Moore Photography, but we also regularly update our Pet of the Week (featured pets), success stories, and upcoming events!  Let us know on our Facebook page how you feel about these changes!

Happy Tail

Black Jack had quite the adventure this summer!  He traveled from Texas to New York to get to his forever home, and he's found a new talent as a healing dog!

His new mom says:  
"I can’t begin to tell you how happy we are that we adopted Jack.  Most rescue dogs have been through a lot in their lives. They've endured hardship and because of this they seem to really appreciate their new life, and they seem to sense people who are going through difficult times. This is our experience with Jack."

Click here to read about how Jack healed his family and hasn't stopped there!

Happy Hooves

Did you hear about the 19 donkeys that were rescued by TBAR volunteers in February?  Well some of those donkeys have now given birth to beautiful, healthy babies!

TBAR Member Linda explains:
"When healthy, donkeys are beautiful velvety eared animals,  with soft brown eyes.  They are God’s special creatures that are sweet, patient and strong.  So these were the little herd of sweet donkeys… spotted ones, dark fuzzy brown ones, and dove grey ones with crosses on their backs. Eve took Jasmine home that day. And after bringing her back to health, she had a healthy baby this spring.  Here’s Jasmine's new baby Josie... truly a TBAR’s Happy Hooves story."
Click here to read the full story....
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