Volume 20 | October 2021

What have we been up to since the 1st Anniversary Gala? Glad you asked!

Blind With Temptation Movie Screening

Way Club member Karston Singleton’s short film, Blind With Temptation, was a part of the Reel Black Men Festival. We hosted a screening at the Fitler Club to showcase Karston’s huge accomplishment!

Transformation Church Screening

Way Club members were invited explore their spirituality by meeting on Zoom to watch and discuss a sermon from Transformation Church.

Workings Paper Session

Way Club hosted a virtual seminar to teach members how to get their working papers and start their job search.

Visiting the Philadelphia Art Museum

What better way to fulfill our recreational mission than by exploring what our city has to offer? We brought our members to the Philadelphia Art Museum to check out the latest exhibitions.

Way Club Member Spotlight: Iyana

Every month we will spotlight someone who is a part of or has contributed to Way Club!

Why did you want to become a member of Way Club?
I wanted to become a member because I felt like it would be a nice place to go hang out and feel safe.

What are your favorite social activities and interests?
I like to read and draw because of how it can make you feel as though you are in a place of safety. As though you are tucked away in your own mind with no one else around, like a place of calm.

What career paths are you currently interested in?
I’m interested in many things such as becoming an author, starting my own fashion business, and more.

Support Our Mission!

Way Club is a 501(c)(3) and relies on donations like yours to help foster the next generation of leaders in the Philadelphia area. We aim to serve our teen members through recreational, developmental, and spiritual activities, while providing them a safe space to explore leadership growth.

There are many ways you can support Way Club, either through a one-time gift or a monthly gift. If you would like to give, please visit our fundraising campaign at

Outside of fundraising donations, there are plenty of other ways you can contribute to Way Club, including:

✅ Sponsoring a member event
✅ Become an informational interview mentor
✅ Connecting us with speakers and professionals for member seminars
✅ Offering pop-up spaces for our members to meet
✅ Organizing program activities

If you have an idea of how you would like to support Way Club, please contact Monique Harrington at

Our goal is to develop our members in all aspects of life so they can positively live up to their fullest potential. We NEED your help in supporting the Teens of OUR community. Thank you again for your contribution!

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