Volume 7| May 2021

Hi everyone!

We did it! We reached the 10K goal post. That means in one month we’ve reached almost 20% of our $60,000 goal! Thank you to all our donors thus far. We are so incredibly grateful for your support and are getting closer to providing safe spaces and environments for Greater Philadelphia high-schoolers to thrive and become great leaders in our community.

You’ve made your donation — what comes next?

Many of our supporters have asked how they can continue to help our campaign even after they’ve made their donation. Did you know that there are actually several ways you can stretch your dollar to help Way Club get closer to our $60,000 goal? Here are a few ways to maximize your donation:

  • Ask your employer to match your donation: Many businesses have corporate matching gift programs to help their employees give back to the community, but many times these programs go unused. In fact, an analysis by Double the Donation showed that an estimated $4-7 billion in matching gift funds go unclaimed a year!

    Reach out to your HR department to see if they offer a matching gift program to increase the donation you’ve already made!

  • Reach out to friends and family in your network: Create a team within our campaign and invite your friends and family to donate as well! Here’s how:

-Click the Fundraise button on our GiveButter page
-Create an account to make your own team!
-Invite your friends and family to donate under your team name

And now that you know about corporate matching programs, ask everyone in your network if their employers offer such a program, as well!

  • Consider being a monthly donor: If you are as excited as we are about our mission to recreationally, developmentally, and spiritually invest in our youth, consider being a monthly donor! Givebutter makes it super easy to be a recurring donor so that you can actively support our teenagers every month.

  • Share our mission on social media: Help us spread the word by sharing our GiveButter campaign on your social media networks. The more we get the word out about our mission and our campaign, the faster we will reach our goal!


Thanks to Way Club supporters who have been suggesting even more ways to spread the word, we’ve also created some images you can save and share on Instagram:

Every dollar counts! Whether you give $25, $250, or $2500, every dollar will go towards providing safe spaces for the youth of Greater Philadelphia and providing them with the resources and opportunities they need to grow and be the best they can be.

Everyone who donates between now and May 30th will get a free ticket to Way Club’s First Anniversary Gala, as well as 3 raffle tickets for prizes at our event! We are so excited for you to join us in celebrating our new beginnings, as well as our future.

Way Club

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