Volume 15 | July 2021

Hello Way Club Supporters!

Did you receive your invitation to our First Anniversary Gala yet? If not, there is still time to donate to our GiveButter Fundraising Campaign! Everyone who donates will receive a free ticket to join in on our celebration, as well as a free raffle ticket! Trust us — you won’t want to miss this! If you’ve made a donation and still have not received your invite, please reply to this email to let us know.


What Does “Faith-Based” Mean for Way Club?

Way Club is a faith-based social club that is focused on recreational FUN and leadership development for high-school teenagers. What does that mean exactly?

It would not be fair for us to take all the credit for how far Way Club has come today - we never cease to be amazed by God’s faithfulness as so many things have fallen into place in just the past few months. While our mission here is not to preach to our members, everything we do is driven by our belief that God created everyone with a purpose, as well as provides plenty for His creation to enjoy life. It’s important for us to make room for our members to express gratitude daily and to be able to explore their spirituality without judgement.

As such, we are excited to announce one of our speakers who will be leading one of the spiritual sessions at Summer Growth Academy:

Speaker Joy Best from Fortress of Grace Ministries will lead an art therapy session while discussing how God can use challenging situations to birth good character.

Everyone is bound to experience hardships, disappointment, loss, discouragement, and hurt. We use creative art expressions through art journaling sessions, paint therapy, events that coincide with monthly devotionals to promote wholeness & healing! We believe that a person consists of mind, body and soul. Therefore, art is used as a tool to liberate all three. It enriches our creative ability to express and unveil the inner and unspoken parts of our hearts.

Summer Growth Academy would not be happening without your support. Every donation we get will directly support Way Club programs for our teens, including Summer Growth Academy. If you would like to help contribute to providing these great opportunities for young high-schoolers, please consider making a one-time or monthly donation through our GiveButter Fundraising Campaign! Thank you for helping us foster the next generation of leaders.


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