Volume 10 | May 2021

Happy June, Way Club Supporters!

Summer is quickly approaching and you might be preparing for fun summer plans with your friends and family. Even though we have more options to play this summer than we did last summer, you might still be wondering what are some safe activities you can plan.

As you may know already, recreational FUN is a huge part of Way Club’s mission. We want to encourage our members to try new things and broaden their horizons, all while having a good time. So this summer, we would like to challenge you to participate in our photo scavenger hunt!

The rules are simple. Find a small group of people — this could be done with your family, siblings, or a group of friends — and take photos of yourselves having fun and participating in the activity ideas on our list. If you want to share your photos on social media, you can use #wayclubsummerfun21 for others to see.

Take a photo of yourselves...

  1. Eating different colored water ices

  2. Walking or hiking a new trail you’ve never been to

  3. In a human pyramid in front of a Philadelphia LOVE sign

  4. Cooking or baking a recipe you have never tried before

  5. Competing in a good ol’ fashioned potato sack race

  6. Enjoying a picnic at a local park

  7. Listening to a live musician play music

  8. Buried with your heads sticking out of the sand at the beach

  9. Having a water balloon fight

  10. Camping in the backyard or at a campsite

  11. Recreating a famous album cover

  12. Performing a random act of kindness

Of course, the fun doesn’t stop at the end of the list. Keep trying new things and meeting new people! Take photos to document all the fun memories. When people come together, our community becomes stronger.

Speaking of community, ours has come together to help us raise over $10,000 in our fundraising campaign. Our next goal is to get to $20,000 by July 1st. We greatly appreciate your donation, which can be made at


If you have already donated, we would be grateful if you would share our fundraising campaign with your friends and family. Whether it’s by word of mouth, email, or social media, every “share” counts!

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