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Rinpoche's Video Message 

 During these doubly difficult times at Gomde we have been heartened by the out-pouring of love and support from so many. It has been a great help knowing that people care. Together with the unfailing support and blessing from Rinpoche, this has given us the strength to face the devastation and begin to consider the wider implications of the fire and the Covid-19 restrictions in the coming months and beyond. 
In recent days Rinpoche sent a heart-felt message for us all. 
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Our Current Situation

To help with the impacts of Covid-19 and the fires, people have kindly and generously made donations amounting to £4,786. This includes £752 raised through the Random Acts of Kindness initiative. Thank you to everyone who has generously given.

Gomde's operating income will be severely reduced in 2020 and our reserves significantly depleted due to lack of projected income from onsite retreats.  

As a result, we will struggle to meet our basic operational costs (around £3,500 per month) let alone raise the funding needed to complete critical infrastructure investments and continue building the temple.

We have far less operational staff help due to depletion of funds and loss of income, as well as a reduction in volunteer support as a result of the health risks posed by COVID 19.

Following the fire, we now have additional costs to implement a proper ‘fire readiness’ plan, mitigate damage to the flora and fauna and efforts for regeneration, replace and repair land structures, such as tracks, fences, and gates.

The picture looks a little gloomy but as many of you have declared your love and support. Is there a magic key?
How do we make ourselves the drops that fill the bucket?


The Magic Key

We invite everyone's aid in helping Gomde bridge these significant financial and operational gaps through making a regular donation that is right for you.

We currently have 34 people making regular monthly contributions amounting to £1,202 per month. The monthly donations range from £2 to £500. A range that gives scope for everyone to feel their contribution is worthwhile. We deeply appreciate those of you who are already supporting Gomde in this way and would welcome any increase you could make. 

A regular donation means that you can give an affordable amount every month, which will make a huge difference to Gomde. 

With a stable income, we can navigate the turbulence and sustain this spiritual home for you all. We can fulfil Rinpoche’s vision of Gomde as a “Wisdom Treasure” for many generations to come. 

May we each take to heart the interconnection of causes and conditions for the Dharma to flourish and the auspicious tendrel we create when we support places that allow our own practice to take root and grow.
With much love and gratitude,
The Trustees Gomde UK


Image: Picture of fire break running along Lindholme Bank Road

The most significant contributor for Gomde’s development remains the generosity of our sponsors. Our activities and projects form a rich mandala; all parts are interconnected and supporting one aspect of our activities, by definition, contributes to the whole.
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