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Happy Losar Greetings!

May the year of the Metal Rat be most auspicious and harmonious. May wisdom abound!  

Losar is a time for renewal; to recognise and dispense with our past bad habits and realign ourselves to intentions and actions that benefit others and tame our minds. During the year of the metal rat may we all be infused with profound diligence enabling all our beneficial intentions to come to perfect fruition. 



It is Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche's vision to establish at Gomde UK a lasting base to enable the authentic Dharma to flourish in UK.
Due to Rinpoche's blessing and aspiration, year by year the teaching and retreat schedule develops here bringing unsurpassable teachers, teaching and retreat opportunities right to our doorstep! To create a firm base for these developing teachings and retreats Rinpoche has encouraged us to build a traditional temple. 

Rinpoche’s aspirations to benefit all beings, in the short and long term, can only be fulfilled by connecting with your interest, enthusiasm and support.
This year join us for the precious teachings and, with any donation large or small. Help to build the foundation for the temple to enhance your spiritual home in England.

In the year of the metal rat may all true teachers aspirations for the teachings and beings be utterly and completely fulfilled and from the ocean of samsara may we all be free.
With warmest greetings for LOSAR
Team Gomde   

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