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Shower of Blessings!

Dear Friends, wherever you are,
Sincere greetings from Gomde UK. The spring rain is late but welcome never the less; our conservation group have been doing rain dances on behalf of the bog since March and at last their prayers (supplemented in the shrine hall!)  are being answered. Hopefully the rare flora and fauna of the 'wet end of the species' will rally and all will be well.
In addition to our conservation work, the Dharma here also gracefully unfolds. Sneak previews and details below. 



Lama Bruce:  17 - 19 May
The Medicine Buddha: A Door to Boundless Healing.
Utilising the power of our true nature to heal our minds and bodies. Self care is the first type of bodhichitta; if you cannot love yourself how can you love others?  Open to all.


Khenpo Tokpa Tulku
Brightly Shining Sun- Meditations on the Way of the Bodhisattva
31 May – 2 June: Introductory weekend  
4 - 11 June: Week long seminar

Khenpo Tokpa Tulku, from Ka Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery is an accomplished Khenpo who has a rare gift for communicating the teachings to westerners.
Khenpo will guide us through Patrul Rinpoche´s instruction manual: how to study, reflect and meditate on one of the most significant texts on Bodhichitta.
These instructions are a cornerstone to the authentic spiritual path and focus upon  practical application to tame and train our everyday mind.
Suitable for all who have a sincere interest in the Buddha's teachings. Not to be missed

Chokyi Nyim Rinpoche Annual Summer Seminar August 21-27
Work Retreat: Those of you who are short of funds and see the benefits of service may like to consider a work retreat place which offers substantial discounts.  Please contact for further information.


Community Summer Fete, Saturday 29 June
A day of celebration and confirmation when all our community, new and old, comes together to celebrate another year together.  This year we host the Danum Archers for 'have-a-go' archery and welcome back the birds of prey as well as all our regular favourites.  Join us for a wonderful day! ALL WELCOME


Andreas Doctor : The Role of Buddhsim in the Climate Crisis  11- 13 October 

Now that man-made global warming and species mass extinction seem to be a depressing fact, does it even make sense to look for meaning and solutions in Buddhism? Does an ancient religion have anything meaningful to contribute in a time filled with such unprecedented climate challenges? Should we Buddhists perhaps revise the way we practice our religion in light of the great ethical and moral issues that the climate challenge raises?

 Weekend workshop  and open evening public talk 11 October . Further details to follow. Registration open soon. 


A precious opportunity: call for short term resident volunteers
Do you have a month or more free over the next few months? Why not join our community to serve and practice the Dharma  along with our flourishing community group.  We are looking for people who would like to become short term resident volunteers; full or part time. We have opportunities for someone with building/ maintenance skills and a second post for someone with housekeeping and event hosting skills. The summer looks poised to be truly remarkable in terms of Dharma activity so why not join us? For more information contact

Spring Cleaning week end 25-27 May
We want to do a long needed deep clean ready for the Dharma to unfold. 
Please come and help! The more the merit-merrier. 
For more information please contact 

Happy Wishes Team Gomde May 2019


With our warmest summer wishes from Gomde UK!