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Important News from Gomde UK 
Dear friends near and far,

The Lindholme island flora and fauna begins to wake up from winter.
Flowers, buds and green appearing everywhere, the beauty and space of nature provides much solace during the turbulent times we all now face. 

 Gomde Now Closed 

Khenpo Tokpa Tulku Teachings for our Times:
Daily, online and free for all.  


Gomde Closed

Sadly, owing to the extremely serious public health issues posed by the Covid-19 virus it is with great sadness that we announce
Gomde Lindholme Hall is now closed. 

All our events prior to July are postponed or cancelled and the Tuesday meditation study group will not meet here until further notice. Please note no decision has been made regarding events after the end of June; this includes the status of the Inner Tara retreat. We will keep people informed as we have news.  

The small locked down care taking group at Gomde will keep things ship shape. We are building a green house from our old patio dining structure and anticipate that tending our vegetable garden in the coming weeks will provide a much needed connection to the earth as well as providing organic food.  

Most importantly the time we have will allow us to focus more on practice for the benefit of all beings. We hope you all have the opportunity and inclination to do the same, for as Rinpoche said ‘Only the Dharma can help and heal you’.  

We urge everyone to take the current situation as seriously as possible. As Dr David Shlim said think of it as a war situation with the doctors as our soldiers. Help the war effort! Every person who gets infected will infect two others - ten rounds of this cycle and 2,000 people will be infected. Preventing infection for one person can therefore have a huge impact. For those of us in higher risk groups, simple contact could be life threatening. Please be careful, vigilant and take best care for yourself and all others. 

Khenpo Tokpa Tulku  
You Tube Teachings
Daily Teachings Starting Saturday 21 March

Khenpo Tokpa Tulku seminars have been cancelled, however Khenpo has kindly agreed to offer a sequence of daily teachings via YouTube in the coming days. These talks will include much advice which is applicable to our current situation. 

 Simply type into Gomde UK the YouTube search bar and our account will come up. The first talk will be recorded on Saturday 21 and be available from Saturday evening. We anticipate talks will be posted daily. 

The talks are free to everyone. 
 Donations to sponsor Khenpos travel are welcome.
Please use the general fund section on our donate page.


Despite people’s personal difficulties, many of you have voiced concern as to how Gomde will manage during the next few months. The answer is simple - we will do it together - with all of you near or far.  For those of you who are able, we welcome any donation large or small and of course all the good wishes you can muster.

May you and all beings be safe and well.
May those who have sickness be cured. May those who fear sickness have their fears relieved. 

Team Gomde 
March 2020