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Getting on at Gomde
Dear friends near and far,
We hope during these times of extreme difficulty and concern you are all able to keep well and safe. Life at Gomde has changed dramatically and we presume we are not the only ones undergoing such changes of pace and focus; inspired by all the difficulties around us may we put our time to the best use.

This newsletter:
Tokpa Tulku on line teachings
Update on the Inner Tara Retreat
Getting on at Gomde   


Image: Self Portrait, Khenpo Tokpa Tulku

Teaching and Practice

Tokpa Tulku 
As you will all know Khenpo Tokpa Tulku seminars have been cancelled due to the world health crisis. However Khenpo has kindly agreed to offer a sequence of daily teachings via Gomde UK YouTube in the coming weeks.
Six Paramitas: View, Meditation & Conduct. 
Khenpo teaches in an incredibly clear way, with direct and practical advice as to how to bring the teachings into our everyday experience.

“The teachings are so helpful, clear and deeply encouraging.”

Click here to access the teachings:

Gomde UK YouTube

Talks will be posted daily. 
Notices will be sent via facebook. 

The talks are shared freely with everyone. 
If you would like to contribute to the travel costs for Khenpo this would be extremely helpful and much appreciated. Many thanks to any of you who are able to support the ongoing activities at Gomde. 



Inner Tara Retreat
In summer 2020 Lama Tenzin is scheduled to lead a three week Inner Tara retreat here at Gomde UK. The current circumstances as so unprecedented that at the moment it is impossible to predict what may happen to our programmes scheduled after June.
The good news about the Inner Tara retreat – it has not been cancelled. We will keep you informed of developments as things become clearer.


Image: What you see is the result of how you look. Khenpo Tokpa Tulku

Getting on at Gomde

We have three practitioner/volunteers at Gomde and a kind group of 'working at home volunteers',  keeping your Gomde in 'readiness' to host the Buddha’s teachings and you, in the not too distant future. The formal sessions are maintained and the Dharma is very much alive here.

We are inspired when we remember all the help and support we have had over the last 10 years to make Gomde and the Lindholme Hall estate what it is today. Everyone who has visited, received teachings, retreated, wished us well, supported and contributed are present wherever we look; an integral part of this rich mandala. We hope our regular posts on social media help you to remember your special connection at this time.

As we practise we especially have in our prayers:
All those people who have died and those who are sick or fearful of sickness and death.  
All those who are working so hard to help others and to keep our essential systems working and available; everyone in the NHS, all those who keep our grocery stores open and stocked and all the delivery drivers who keep the supply chain moving, and many more.

May you all be safe and well.
May you all be truly appreciated.

Image: Seedlings in Gomde's new greenhouse. 

Getting our Hands Dirty

To keep us grounded, the land and vegetable garden have become our focus.  The leeks went in today and some tomatoes potted up. We weeded the currant bed and the internal lay out of the
green-house has begun. We ate the first cut of rhubarb, stewed with a nub of ginger and brown sugar. We look forward to sharing with you, in the not too distant future, all the organic fruits of our labour.

Stay safe. Be well
May all true teachers live a long and healthy life.

With love from your very own 
Team Gomde