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Tomorrow is the big day!

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Dear Friends near and far,

Wonderful news!
Progress of the Tubten Chökor Ling Temple at Gomde UK

Tomorrow is a big day. It is the day we pour the concrete to complete the first half of the foundation for the new temple.
The Temple has a 'raft' foundation which, in essence, spreads the weight of the structures' load wide, rather than deep; a little like a giant snow shoe. 
Our building crew David, Glenn and Dan, along with help from trusty volunteers, have laid the intricate steel framework to reinforce the foundation.
This has taken many weeks to prepare and assemble. As we have done this ‘in house’ the costs are a fraction of the market price for the work. The structural engineer and building inspector for the temple build unreservedly passed the work complementing the team on their ‘textbook work.’ 



Rinpoche’s Blessings and Vision 

Many causes and conditions needed to come together to get to this important stage. Primarily Rinpoche’s blessing and vision has produced the precipitating conditions.  In 2012 unexpectedly Rinpoche told a small group of students;  
 “There will be a temple here made of stone and wood. it will be 60-70 feet square and have three stories.” 
Steadily, and generally against all odds, things have come together. This includes major keystones: the granting of full planning permission in 2017 and planning permission made ‘extant’ (irreversible), when the road to the Temple was build in 2019,

In recent messages from Rinpoche, he has emphasised the importance of the temple; to house thousands of important texts and statues and importantly to provide a place for teaching, study and practice of the Dharma with the support and guidance of a permanent monastic sangha.



A Beacon for All Who Wish for Compassion and Wisdom 

Recently a student undertaking a 5 week retreat in one of our retreat huts said, ‘Being here I can see and feel why the new Temple is so important. I think it will be a beacon to all those who wish for compassion and wisdom to unfold in our communities.'
The current work is made possible through a kind and generous personal loan. The loan has been made by a person of moderate means and great vision, who fundamentally sees the significance and importance of making Rinpoche’s vision happen now. If you too would like to contribute, please do not hesitate to make a donation no matter how large or small. By doing so each one of us makes an auspicious connection with this momentous development. 
Tomorrow, Rinpoche and the monks at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling, will keep us firmly in their prayers. We hope that many of you will join him in your well wishing for the creation and fulfilment of this most precious structure the
Thubten Chökor Ling Temple 
'The Island Where the Buddha’s Wheel of Teachings Turns’

I would like to make a donation

May all beings benefit!  
with love, appreciation and rejoicing 

Team Gomde
10 September 2020  

One of the most significant contributors for Gomde’s development remains the generosity of our sponsors. Our activities and projects form a rich mandala; all parts are interconnected and supporting one aspect of our activities, by definition, contributes to the whole. For information on donating to Gomde, please visit our website.