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Friends of Gomde

 Dear Friends near and far,

The rain has fallen steadily for the last few days providing great reassurance that the hot spots in the peat, left by the wild fire, will be extinguished. On Wednesday 9 June – 23 days after the start of the fire – all the fire crews withdrew from the Moor and island.   

Life returns to ‘covid 19 normal', whatever that may be. Currently we are translating  government guidance in a conservative way, given the continued serious risks to health. We hope to post more details in our next newsletter. 

Image below: Feeding a drenched, tired and hungry bee. 

Thanks to everyone who responded so swiftly to our request for support through monthly donations and also thanks to those of you who generously made one off donations.
We are delighted that 17 people have become new monthly donors, increasing our regular donor base by 50%. For those of you who intend to help we sincerely request, please turn your ‘aspiration’ into ‘application’ and nurture the Wisdom Treasure that is so close to home.  Please be the magic key! 
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We wanted to share some sad news of friends of Gomde.
Mrs. Padma Tara Sakya, ‘Aunt Padma’, passed away at the age of 74 on 21st April 2020 due to Covid 19 and other underlying health conditions.
‘Aunt Padma’ was born on 6th October 1946 in Nepal. The only daughter in the family with three brothers, Padma was raised as one of the boys. She completed her Masters degree in English language at a time when girls were devoid of education in Nepal. She was working as a teacher, when she married  Dr. Ratna Bahadur Sakya and they moved to the UK where Dr. Sakya worked as a GP. Padma was a loving mother to two beautiful children. She was as a friendly, caring and joyous person.

Over the years Dr Ratna and Aunt Padma were kind and generous supporters of Gomde and attended many seminars here with Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche. The last one being in 2018 when we also had a very special visitor here. We will miss Aunt Padma's smile and kindness. 

Image abovePadma with Richard Gere at our 2018 Seminar
Image below: Offerings to the Three Jewels.

Rev. Marc Seccombe, a retired vicar, was a resident of Doncaster, serving the people of Doncaster for many years before his retirement. He died on 11th April, Easter Saturday, having become increasingly frail due to Parkinson’s disease.

He supported Gomde, as a connoisseur of our home made jam but mainly through his wife Pip. Pip was part of the Pete Skidmoor fundraising team in 2012 and was instrumental in helping to raise the £60,000 to purchase the Lindholme Old Moor, now deeded in perpetuity to conservation and managed by the Lindholme Old Moor management group.
The Lindholme Old Moor is said to be the last refugium of lowland peatland species. We rejoice that it was not damaged in any way by the recent fires.

We have Aunt Padma and Rev Marc Seccombe and all their loved ones,  in our daily prayers.


Online Retreat with Lama Tenzin
We are extremely happy to announce that Lama Tenzin will lead an ON-LINE  weekend Trinley Nyingpo retreat 3-5 July. This retreat has been organised as part of an international co-ordination of world-wide Gomdes and Dharma Houses. Proceeds from this online event will go to the programme organisers, Gomde Ukraine.  

Lama Tenzin has given two requirements to attend the retreat:
1. Anyone who participates via the recorded sessions should practice the entire retreat in full, without cherry-picking sessions or teachings.
2. Participants must have received the Tukdrub Barchey Kunsel empowerment required for this sadhana.
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May everyone be safe and well. May all true teachers live long
Kind wishes to you all!
Team Gomde