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The Times They Are A Changing 

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'The times they are a changing'
Bob Dylan 


You will have seen from our newsletters that things at Gomde have changed.

Pre-pandemic, our view had been that employees could cover a number of key positions and facilitate volunteers in their areas.
Our financial situation now prevents us from following this route. 
Through the fire, amplified within lock down, it feels as if the decks have been cleared and we are forced to reconsider our plans and maybe for Gomde, Lindholme Hall,  there is another, even better way?

Image (below): The residential volunteer community during lockdown. 



'A beautiful picture is made up of many pixels.' 
Khenpo Tokpa Tulku 

Rinpoche has a great vision for Gomde UK. Vast and pure visions are achieved with blessings and through people; each contributing to the whole and together, creating what could never have been achieved by individuals acting separately. 
This year is changing us all in subtle and not so subtle ways. Having stepped off whatever social contraption we have been peddling so hard, for so long, we may have had time to reflect and review. Perhaps the world isn't quite turning out as we hoped.  We may want something different; a change of focus ready to build something far reaching and truly meaningful. 

Image (below): Some of our local and land volunteers, Paul, Chris and Susan. 


Be the Difference. Volunteer for Gomde!
"Having a lot of enthusiastic, reliable people helping, ensures that the load is shared and becomes joyful and do-able. Our monastery works just like this." Lama Oser

Become a Resident Community Volunteer
Taking a key role in Gomde in our new pioneering phase, we require good 'all rounders' to help in areas which focus on your skill set and interests. We anticipate resident  volunteers will have an inclination to help grow and sustain the resident community and be willing to offer a longer commitment of 2 months plus. 

Be a ‘volunteering from home’ volunteer
Having the opportunity and circumstances to ‘take time out’ and physically be at Gomde are rare. But all is not lost! We currently have a number of people who offer key support to Gomde at a distance; indeed much of Gomde activity is created from such volunteers. If you have a skill that you would like to share and develop we would be delighted to hear from you.  Currently we have help with media and marketing, accountancy and book keeping, visa team, transcribing teachings, fundraising and procurement for the shop. There are lots of way to help – just get in touch and we can discuss.

Join our trusty and friendly band of Local Volunteers
Local volunteers are a central part of Gomde UK, helping to sustain the estate year-round through regular or ad-hoc volunteer service. Our team is friendly, open and informal and fosters a great spirit of community. Whether you’re looking to share your skills or develop new skills we will have something for you:

Conservation work with our land team
Garden work in the formal or vegetable gardens
The cooking team
The housekeeping team
The building team

For more information about volunteering for Gomde visit our website.

Please contact for all enquiries regarding volunteering.

Please note: risk assessments are in place to ensure that all our volunteers are as safe as possible in the current health crisis. Risk assessments are kept up to date in this ever changing situation. 

Image (below): Some of our remote volunteers: Robin, David and Helen.


May all of Rinpoche's aspirations for Gomde UK be fulfilled. May whoever wishes to be involved with this vision find a perfect niche.

We hope you all are able to stay safe and well.

May the teachings spread and flourish and may all true teachers share the authentic Dharma and have a long and healthy life .
 Team Gomde


One of the most significant contributors for Gomde’s development remains the generosity of our sponsors. Our activities and projects form a rich mandala; all parts are interconnected and supporting one aspect of our activities, by definition, contributes to the whole.         

For information on donating to Gomde, please visit our