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Autumn Fruits

Dear Friends, 
With a mixture of fruits from the land, grown, nurtured and harvested by many of you, we have just finished making our latest batch of Lama Jam. Named Ayu Jam (Long Life jam) by Lama Oser as it is nutritious, delicious and is made with lots of love! 


New Website
We have launched our new website! Helen, Robin and Georgia have done an amazing job. Have a look and give us your comments. We anticipate glitches so help us iron them out!

Rinpoche, Teachings and Temple
At the end of August we concluded our 2019 seminar with Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche. Rinpoche inspired and instructed new-comers and rejuvenated and opened the hearts of experienced practitioners, with practical and applicable guidance instructions on the entire path. The seminar unfolded and all was simply perfect. Gomde made many new friends and supporters. We hope that you will all return again and again to your spiritual home located on the magical island kingdom of Lindholme.

Autumn Teachings and events
The autumn brings more teachings and Lama Oser remains in residence until early November. We look forward to seeing you all.

14 September
Annual Sponsored Kora Walk
Join us for our annual 12 hour sponsored Kora walk around the Lindholme Island. Includes our Kinship of Faiths gathering at 2 pm Everyone welcome - old friends and friends we have not yet met! We are raising funds for an easily washable new kitchen floor. Sponsorship forms available via the web site

20-22 September
Lama Oser: Kurekule Retreat
To create the auspicious and necessary conditions for the Dharma to flourish, the Three Roots are required: Guru, Yidam and Dakini. For our lineage Kurekule is the Dakini. Lama Oser will give us introductory teaching on this magnetizing Dakini. Suitable for those with some experience of Sadhana practice. Please note an empowerment is required for this practice.

11 - 13 October
Kate Roddick: Tibetan Medicine and Ayuerveda
With great love and lots of fun, Kate will help us understand how to work with your elements and develop a greater understanding of our body and how to heal ourselves.  Workbook for the retreat The Nature of Life. The Tibetan Approach to Healing and Well being by Barbara Van Schaik. 
 All welcome!

18-20 October
Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism: Lama Oser
Lama Oser will lead this week end designed to give us an insight into visualisation, blessings, mantra and more– in short the world of Tibetan Buddhism. Very suitable for all, particularly those wishing to begin more serious practice.

25- 30 October
Wisdom chapter from The Way of the Bodhisattva: Lama Oser
The Wisdom chapter from this centrally significant Mahayana text, offers great insight into the nature of our minds, how we can know it and develop it in our stream of being.  

8-10 November
Vajrakilaya Retreat: Lama Oser

Lama Oser will lead this retreat, providing authentic guidance instructions on ritual, mantra and mudra. Please note the empowerment is required for this retreat.

Pictures below: Lama Oser; Kate Roddick - Tibetan Medicine and Ayuerveda
May we recognise the amazing benefits of not harming others.
May we take to heart karma cause and effect. 
May effortless kindness unfold in us all.
May we see that the start of liberation is having the freedom to not follow after our own thoughts.

Team Gomde September 2019