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6th - 8th March 2020

This event is organised in collaboration with Green Christian’s Borrowed Time project, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council and Doncaster College University Centre.

We invite you to join us for a journey beyond both hope and despair, where maps have yet to be drawn. Now is a time between worlds; the one we have always known, and another beginning to unfold. On current trends, climate breakdown and mass extinctions could trigger the collapse of our civilisation. 

Even with resolute action, we stand to lose much that we cherish. Our response to today’s ecological emergency will be the making of us, and of all life on earth. If we have the courage to face our grief and anxiety, we may find that beyond them lie self-transcendence, equanimity, even joy – and the power to act together, whatever the future holds.


A rare opportunity to explore this essential issue with the support of  a powerful collaboration that incorporates civic, spiritual and generational representation.

The weekend event will form a springboard for further planning and action, not only for faith groups but perhaps for the wider civic community to utilise. To ensure the week end deliberations are purposeful and of use to our communities, during the Friday open discussion, Damien Allen CEO of DMBC will pose a focus question for the weekend group.

Programme Overview
Friday 6th March 6.30pm at Doncaster College University Centre. An evening of talks and discussions. Open to all – the wider religious and civic community. With Welcome introduction  from the Mayor of Doncaster.

7th – 8th March the weekend programme with residential and non-residential options, is for Christians and Buddhists and those who wish to travel with them. 

Please visit our website for full details and the programme