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Thubten Chökor Ling

‘The island where the wheel of Buddha’s teaching turns.’ 

The clock has been ticking. Our temple planning permission runs out at the end of October and to secure the permission for the long term we must  'commence' the Temple development.  
Having planning permission for a temple and monastery complex is unequivocally rare. It took a great number of causes and conditions to come together and a great deal of blessing; it is not something we could ever dream of loosing! 
In August during Rinpoche’s visit to Gomde UK he encouraged us to begin this enormously important project; to have heart, to have guts, to have vision and trust.

The Planning Department at Doncaster Council indicated that building the road would  count as 'commencement' and on Monday 14 October, essential work began on the road. The progress of the work to date has enabled the Planning Department to accept that building work has commenced and we have formal notification
that the planning permission is secure. 



The road to the temple is under construction and fast nearing completion. One may think a road is not so significant, but as Lama Öser told us, the road is the path. Without the path, one cannot reach fruition. And so it is. As the road is constructed, one has a strong sense that it has always been there, it just needed uncovering. Despite the mess of construction, all is taking on a great beauty and depth. 

Rejoice! With Rinpoche’s great insight, kindness and vision, together we will build a home for the Dharma for this and many future generations.


Blessings within blessings
Circumstances have encouraged us to take a further step. At the same time as we are building the road, the foundation for the temple, a site measuring 27 by 27 metres and 1.5 metres deep, is being excavated. The Lindholme Island is a glacial deposit made up of sand and gravel laid down during the last ice age. During excavation, 2,500 tons of sand and gravel will be dug out and none will be wasted — all will be used as road base for the new road. If we had to buy this much sand and gravel it would cost approximately £75,000.


There are other costs associated with the beginning of the development — archaeological costs, detailed engineering plans and the foundation itself. Rinpoche has encouraged us to begin the foundation as soon as possible.
We are metaphorically speaking, digging very deep into Gomde’s resources and reserves but as Rinpoche said "This is not ordinary business". We have trust that ‘miracle money’ will manifest to ensure that all the causes and conditions to fulfil Rinpoche’s vast vision here will be in place just at the right time.
We invite everyone in whatever way they can to be part of this unfolding and building, this path and fruition.

With a contribution of any kind, you will leave your own personal imprint on this endeavour — an imprint that, once made, can only be the cause of good.  

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