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Newsletter, July 2020

 Dear Friends near and far,

We are pleased to update you on the current status at Gomde, and bring news of the Inner Tara Retreat with Lama Tenzin. Please read on! 


Current Status at Gomde

We, like many others are so pleased that the Corvid 19 threat has subsided and the figures of deaths and sickness have reduced considerably.  We see that the government are encouraging people to return somewhat to normal. However, given the great uncertainty we are taking a very careful and considered approach to keep ourselves and others as safe as possible and 
therefore generally Gomde remains closed. We are now welcoming back our volunteers, with strict guidelines for social distancing, which means that some of the essential work here can be accomplished. 

We hope to resume our Tuesday Meditation Study Group via zoom. If you are interested in attending please contact
It is now possible for experienced practitioners to undertake solitary retreat at Gomde in the self contained retreat hut. Please see our website for details 
For the next two months all our events have been cancelled; we are particularly sad to miss our community events this year which includes the Summer Fete and Kora Walk. 

Lama Tenzin Inner Tara Retreat
10- 31 October (proposed dates)

We are extremely happy to announce that with the kind encouragement of Chokyi Nyima Rinpcohe Lama Tenzin, has agreed a provisional date for the Inner Tara retreat here from 10-31 October. 
Please note Lama Tenzin has made it clear that  this retreat will only go ahead if it is considered safe enough to do so. A final decision will likely be made around the beginning of September. 

More Information and Registration

We are looking for people who would like to support this retreat. Supporters will be able to attend some of the sessions. Please contact   

In the instructions known as The Triple Excellence, Tara, the female Buddha of wisdom in action, reveals a complete path of perfect awakening. As taught in the online programme Tara Triple Excellence through 
Lama Tenzin will instruct and guide us in the practice related to the Third Excellence part II, the Inner Tara sadhana. This profound Tara meditation confers unique benefits.

Anyone who has received the empowerment and is interested in this practice is invited to join us, even if you have not yet completed a part of Tara’s Triple Excellence online meditation programme. However, due to the intense nature of this retreat (the first session starting around 4 am), we recommend participation only if you already have some experience with sadhana practice.
For questions regarding attendance please contact

We hope you all are able to stay safe and well. 
May the teachings spread and flourish and may all true teachers share the authentic Dharma and have a long and healthy life .
 Team Gomde