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Summer Seminar with Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche
Annual Auction!


Dear Friends of Gomde UK
We bring wonderful news and a super opportunity!

As you read in our last email, we are preparing to start the build the of Temple here at Gomde, Lindholme Hall. This is a major step and we hope many of you will support us with individual donations of whatever amount. The most important thing is to be part of this historic moment through a contribution: a contribution which will have lasting and profound benefit. 
   Alongside individual offerings towards the building (which need to be with us by early August 2019) we have decided to upgrade our annual auction, setting it up earlier and asking everyone to contribute. Anyone can contribute to the auction.

This year Kate Roddick and Adrian Leigh have offered to organise and facilitate the event, which will be held one evening during Chokyi Nyima Rinpoches seminar in August. Please get involved! 


How can I help?
Rack your brains! Think laterally! Think as big as you like!
Come up with something that you can offer, that people will want and would be happy to pay for.     
You can e mail Kate - - with details of your offering, a description, an idea of the value and what you would like the starting price to be. If no set starting value that is fine too. 

How will it work ?
Once the details have been sent to Kate either bring or post your gift to Gomde ( posting well ahead of time please ) or detail your gift ( with photos please!) and she will put it into the auction. After it has been sold she will ask the person who offered the highest final bid for the gift to contact you for arrangements dates and details. They will pay directly on the day to Gomde.

The contact is only used if the offer is, for example,  a weekend in a county cottage.  For gifts offered on and presented on the day then the name of the person whom offered the gift will remain undisclosed.
We will put the items on the website so it is possible for people outside of the seminar to make a sealed bid prior to the auction. Thanks to Adrian and Kate making this our most fun filled auction ever!!

Give me ideas of what I might offer ?
Special books. Professional advice. Therapeutic services and treatments  Thankas and paintings. Dharma things like Dhamarus and Bells. Wall hangings, A carpet, jewellery. An antique dress. Good quality brick a brack. Then there are ideas li a holiday in my caravan, a weekend in my flat, B & B in my home in the city, a ride in my two seater air plane taking off from Gomde's south field.  Anything is possible!


So what to do now if I want to offer something for the Auction towards the new Gompa ? Contact Kate Roddick on this email address:

Picture (below) : Kate Roddick sporting an exclusive spa headband in the 2017 auction!