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Warrior Massage E-newsletter #4

Happy New Year, Warriors!

Though we are more than two weeks into the new year, it is still that time when everybody is thinking about making this year better than the last, and taking the opportunity to commit to changing life for the better.

Is taking better care of yourself a part of your resolutions?  Consider regular massage as part of your personal care plan.  In addition to treating musculo-skeletal pain and dysfunction, regular massage also:
  • decreases stress and anxiety
  • improves digestion
  • boosts natural immunity
  • enhances sleep quality
  • speeds healing
Perhaps you already take great care of yourself, and have a wellness plan that works for you.  Great!  Do your resolutions include a new Personal Record, medal, league championship, or just to train harder?  As well as the above, massage can also help:
  • reduce recovery time between workouts
  • prevent injury
  • increase flexibility
Whatever your wellness plan, Warrior Massage is committed to helping you make the most of the body you live in.  May you have the healthiest year yet!

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Samurai Membership

Thinking of getting regular massage, but wishing it was more affordable?  Consider a Samurai Membership at Warrior Massage. 6-month membership
costs $300 and gets you one massage a month for 6 months (a $360 value), plus the member rate of $50 for any additional massages you purchase during the 6-month period.
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