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Warrior Massage E-newsletter #1

Welcome to the Warrior Massage e-newsletter!
As you can plainly read above, this is the first issue of this monthly publication.  It has been some time since I began collecting e-mail addresses of those interested in receiving this type of communication from Warrior Massage, so I apologize if you are receiving this and wondering "when did I sign up for this?" but I do hope that it is interesting, entertaining, or at the very least not annoying.  In this main space look forward to news and events involving Warrior Massage; in the spaces below look for links to relevant health and wellness news and information, specials available at Warrior Massage, helpful tips related to massage, and links to the latest entries at the Warrior Massage blog.

Now, this month's big news, as prefaced by the banner above:  EXTRA LIFE!
Extra Life is a fundraising event for children's hospitals through the Children's Miracle Network charity.

How does this matter to you, a patron of Warrior Massage?  Because if you donate to Jesse (the owner of Warrior Massage)'s fundraising page, you can get a free 1-hour massage.  Basically, I will give you a massage but rather than paying me, you get to make a tax-deductible donation to save children instead. 

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Gratuities Not Accepted

The question I am most frequently asked by new clients is about my policy on gratuities - specifically why I do not accept them.  The answer is long, complex, and multivariate.  I have a few answers I give verbally, but none are truly satisfying.

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Thanks for Subscribing

I hate spam as much as anybody and I really appreciate you trusting me to send you something worth the time and effort to click through each month.  To thank you for that, I'd like to offer a $20 credit towards your next massage.  To claim this, please send an e-mail to with the text "Thanks for the Newsletter!" in the subject line.  Be sure to include your full name in the body of the e-mail, and I'll credit your client account for future use. Thanks!
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