CJT Dev is now CJTe Developer - PLEASE UPDATE!!!
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We are currently going through a major transition with CJT Dev. The current model where there is one CJT Free version, another CJT Pro version and finally a CJT Dev version is becoming too difficult to maintain.

The answer was to create only one CJT version, which is free on, and have a developer extension version that has all the features you purchased plus a few new ones that you may not even be aware of. In other words the CJT Dev version you purchased has now migrated to CJTe Developer, which is an extension that runs on top of CJT (the free one on 

What does this mean?
Since you already purchased CJT Dev, we would like to invite you to migrate to the new CJTe Developer extension so you can keep up to date with any updates such as bug fixes and new features.

What must I do?
You need to first make sure that the license key you received on purchase has been entered.  You do this by clicking Setup, add your name and then your license key and click Activate.
- if you are logged in, you can find your license in your purchase history
- although not required, you can also click the Check button to check it the license key is valid before clicking Activate

2) Refresh the Plugins page a few times and then go to the Plugins section until you see the new update available - currently version 8.0.2.  Please update to this version!!
- if you have already updated to version 8.0.2 and it shows a PHP error at the top of the page, chances are you updated CJT when you DID NOT have your license key activated.  This was an unfortunate bug, which we have since fixed. If this is the case, please reinstall CJT Dev 7.2 and repeat the steps above (add license key, etc)

3) You will now notice CJT Dev has turned into CJT Free (e.g. missing toolbar, no import/export feature, etc).  Don't worry, this is what we want.  Next thing to do is to go into your purchase history, download the new CJTe Developer (this should be in there for you) whilst taking note of the new license. 

4) Simply upload the new CJTe Developer plugin, add your name and license and you are good to go.
- you should now see two plugins in there being: CSS & JavaScript Toolbox (free version 8.0.2) and CJTe Developer. 
- please enter the CJTe Developer license to get any bug fixes and new features.

Important Note:
For those who have done development work for clients and no longer do any maintenance work such as plugin updating etc, then you may not care about upgrading the plugin and going through these steps. The plugin still works perfectly, however be aware of clients having the freedom to update plugins themselves. All in all, it is a good idea to grab the CJTe Developer copy regardless for any future development work.
Also, for those that have not used the CJT Dev plugin yet, then all is fine. Simply trash your CJT Dev copy, grab the CJTe Developer plugin and start using that from now on.

One final note for those that may be worried about data loss. There is not any database table modifications between CJT version 8.0.2 and CJTe Developer - it should be safe using the Plugins uploader or FTP. That said, it is always is a good idea to either backup your database, or at least use the export feature to back up all of your CJT code block data, templates, etc. 

We apologise for this inconvenience.  Please email us at if you do not see CJTe Developer in your purchase history or if you need the CJTe Developer license key.

Kind Regards,
Damian Baker
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