Rain... Rain... Go Away!

Looking to get out of the rain and cold? Join us!

FlowRider rental special 

Take advantage of this FlowRider rental special!

  • Private rental price reduced from $250/hour to $150/hour for reservations made between between April 10 and June 29.
  • Availability varies, but the FlowRider is largely available Saturdays and Sundays after 6 p.m. Other times available by request.
  • Rentals include a skilled FlowRider operator/instructor. 
  • Get ready for the competition! The Flow Tour will be back in town on Saturday, June 30!
  • Visit our Welcome Desk to learn more and reserve your spot!

Pre-register - FlowRider & water fitness

Exciting news! Guests can now log in to the registration site, access accounts, and pre-register and pay for FlowRider and any of our water fitness sessions.

  • Visit us at
  • Click the REGISTER icon.
  • Log in to your or create a new account.
  • Select the category, class and session date and time.
  • Click ENROLL.
  • Follow registration process and submit payment.

Questions? Just call the Welcome Desk at 360-568-8030, hit option 7 and we will be happy to help!

Snohomish Aquatic Center triathlon - April 22

Join us for our inaugural Snohomish Aquatic Center triathlon! This April 22 event is open to athletes 14 and older as individuals and 12 and older on a relay team. More information including registration information can be found by clicking here.

It's party time!

Host your event or party at the Snohomish Aquatic Center! Party packages at the Snohomish Aquatic Center include a party host, pool times and space in our party room. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the occasion! Learn more about our party packages by clicking here.

Water fit = Water fun

Join us for one of our exciting new water fitness opportunities! You won't regret it! Activities and programs in our recreation pool and competition pool include Paddleboard Yoga, High Intensity Interval Training, Silver Splash, Deep Water Aerobics and more. Times will be scheduled for those who want to walk, jog or exercise on their own or in a group setting. Guests must be at least 14 years of age unless pre-approved by the instructor. Designed for all levels of fitness, our water fitness classes include a warmup, cardiovascular set, toning and stretching exercises. Click here to learn more.

We now offer four new water fitness opportunities:

  • Aqua Dance Fusion
  • Fit4Baby
  • High Intensity Interval Training Deep
  • Xtreme Boot Camp

Did you know?

According to the website
  • 65% of people in the United States don’t know how to swim.
  • An hour of vigorous swimming will burn up to 650 calories. It burns off more calories than walking or biking.
  • Swimming strengthens the heart and lungs.
  • Swimming works out all of the body’s major muscles.
  • Swimming helps reduce stress.
  • Water’s buoyancy make swimming the ideal exercise for physical therapy and rehabilitation or for anyone seeking a low-impact exercise.
  • As with any other type of exercise you need to stay hydrated while swimming and you need to drink water. Your core body temperature can rise as the activity increases. Your body also produces sweat as it does with other physical activity, but it is not as apparent since you are already wet.
  • Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise because you are moving against the water’s resistance, which is over ten times that of the air.
  • Most swimmers at the highest levels of competition train from four to five hours per day and five to seven days per week. They will typically swim about six to twelve miles per day along with weight training and flexibility training.
  • Elephants can swim as many as 20 miles a day — they use their trunks as natural snorkels!
  • Niagara Falls has enough water to fill up all the swimming pools in the United States in less than three days!
  • Mark Spitz was the first Olympic swimmer to win seven gold medals in a single Olympiad in the 1972 games.
  • The Titanic was the first ocean liner to have a swimming pool and a gym.
  • Swim fins were invented by Benjamin Franklin.
  • Swimming became an amateur sport in the late part of the nineteenth century.
  • Swimming first became an Olympic event in 1896.
  • Ancient drawings and paintings found in Egypt depicting people swimming date back to 2500 BC.

Swim lesson registration

Swimming lessons save lives. Learn to swim and stay safe in and around the water. Swim lessons at the Snohomish Aquatic Center are available in group, private, and semiprivate formats. Our program:
  • Is FUN!
  • Serves guests at any level - from those just getting familiar  with the water to beginner swimmers to others with competitive aspirations.
  • Has levels tailored to teach essential water safety skills and logical swim skill progression.
  • Includes opportunities for in-session advancement.
  • Works around busy schedules. We offer a wide variety of  session dates and times.
Register beginning:
  • Monday, May 7, for SPRING SESSION 3 (session held Monday, May 14, through Saturday, June 16)
  • Monday, April 9, for SUMMER SESSIONS
More information:
Are you ready for summer?


Swim and dive lessons

Youth swim team

  • The Snohomish Aquatic Center Piranhas are a part of this year’s Craze Summer Swim League. Being a part of this league provides youth athletes with the opportunity to compete in six short, fun swim meets. To learn more, please click here.

Go with the FLOW (Tour 2018)!

Get ready for the competition! The Flow Tour will be back in Snohomish on Saturday, June 30! Watch for more details on this exciting competition in the coming weeks.

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