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An early photo of Sturt Reserve, Murray Bridge, with walkers heading to Rocky Gully

Footsteps Newsletter

Volume 18, Issue 3 - October, 2019


Welcome to all the new subscribers that have recently signed up to receive Footsteps newsletters. We hope you enjoy the articles; news of new trails, route changes and upgrades.
The Lavender Federation Trail (325 km) as well as connecting loop and spur trails (additional 100 plus kilometres and growing) were all designed, constructed and are maintained by volunteers. Volunteer support is always welcome. You can show your support by becoming a “Friend of the Lavender Federation Trail. Details on our web site.

We rely on you, those who use these trails, to report via the web site, anything you see that needs attention. Many landowners advise us of any changes they make on their properties that affect trail access but this doesn’t always occur as can be seen in an article in this newsletter. 

This is the third Footsteps newsletter for 2019.
Previous newsletters can be accessed from the website.

In this issue:

  • New Cypress Hill trail open at Monarto.
  • Callington Spur Trail.
  • Trail upgrades at Rockleigh.
  • New loop trail planned at Mt Pleasant.
  • SARTI Annual General Meeting.
  • Bits & Pieces.

New Cypress Hill Trail open at Monarto

Murraylands Multisports Inc. a volunteer group that run events in the Murraylands, was successful in obtaining a grant from the Office for Recreation & Sport for the construction of a new multi-purpose trail in the Kinchina Conservation Park. The trail was originally proposed by South Australian Recreation Trail Inc (SARTI) in 2002 as the “Rocky Gully Northern Loop Trail” and 3.5 km long, with a survey undertaken by Forestry SA, but the plan stalled and did not proceed.

Contractors have now finished this new 5-kilometre trail with the official name, “Cypress Hill Trail”.  The trail features outstanding views over the Murray River and Murray Bridge, a crossing of Rocky Gully Creek at the eastern end, views into Rocky Gully and abundant wildlife. 

At the western end, the trail runs near the Wild Africa section of the Monarto Safari Park. (originally Monarto Zoo). Wild Africa was recently announced as the location for a $40 million investment with on-site accommodation.  Wild Africa will house giraffe, rhino, zebra, cheetah and pigmy hippo as part of the development.

The Cypress Hill Trail forms a loop trail from the Lavender Federation Trail and can be accessed near Maurice Road at the rail crossing at the western end or one kilometre west of Cypress Terrace.

Cypress Hill and Kinchina CP Trails are shown on the updated Lavender Federation Trail Map 1 with detailed maps available from our web site.

Cypress Hill Trail crossing of Rocky Gully Creek eastern access.
Extensive earthworks & placement of rocks was required

Callington Spur Trail

A joint project between the Rural City of Murray Bridge and SARTI, the Callington Spur Trail is a new trail starting on Adelaide Road Murray Bridge near the Truckers Memorial running 23 kilometers to the road bridge crossing of the Bremer River at Callington.

An alternative start point at Sturt Reserve on the Murray River at the LFT Trail head adds 4 kilometers.

Currently, the first 2 km from the Truckers memorial at Murray Bridge to Tower Hill is awaiting road works by Council and not marked but the remaining 21 km is fully marked and can be used now. From Tower Hill the Callington Spur shares the Jailbreak Trail through Kinchina CP before joining the Lavender Federation Trail in Rocky Gully. At this point, an alternative walk is along the Lavender Federation Trail (LFT) to Murray Bridge in a loop back to the Callington Spur start point.

The spur trail follows the LFT to the SW corner of Monarto Zoo before following a new trail to Callington.

A highlight of the Callington Spur is the 180-degree panorama of the Bremer Valley as the trail descends through rare native grasses into the valley. The view is one of the most scenic on the LFT network

Above: Panorama from Callington Hill

Trail intersection signs in Rocky Gully at the junction of the LFT & Jailbreak Trails

Trail construction on Callington Hill. Trail is dual use walking/MTB

Duel marking a shared LFT/Callington Spur section in Rocky Gully

Map of the Callington Spur Trail (Download from our web site.)

Trail Upgrade at Rockleigh

Maintaining the Lavender Federation Trail and the connecting loop and spur trails is a job undertaken by ten volunteer groups who have a total of over 430 km of trail under their control. The maintenance groups are coordinated by SARTI Maintenance manager Stuart Shepherd who has access to maintenance materials and spares, some such as a powered grass slasher are shared between all the groups. The maintenance groups cover their section of the trails regularly but Stuart relies on postings on our web site from you, our trail users, if you notice something you feel needs attention.
Earlier this year, it was reported that access on a section of the main trail at Rockleigh was difficult and needed attention. On-site inspection revealed that some rural land had been sub divided into 8 “lifestyle” blocks with a number of fences constructed. The road reserve in one section was being used as a dump for wire and debris. 
After Council cleared the road reserve a group of 8 volunteers installed stiles and upgraded trail marking on a section of Gum Gully.

This is an area well worth adding to your walk list.

Nearby, new markers were installed on a new road constructed by Council. Originally, the only track in this area was over private land and this was the route taken by walkers. A new property owner required privacy so we removed trail markers on their land and remarked on the new road.

This is one example of the work done by our fantastic volunteers so you can enjoy walking along all the trails we built and maintain.

Photos - Top: Removing a stile no longer required that accessed private land
Above: View S.E. down Gum Gully towards the Murraylands

New Trail Planned at Mt Pleasant

Work is now underway planning a new trail in the Mt Pleasant area. The new trail will create a 22 km loop trail to the east of Mt Pleasant, using sections of the Lavender Federation & Kidman Trails.

Several other trails in the area are being looked at including trails to the west and north of Mt Pleasant that potentially will link with other trails in the area.
“Footsteps” will bring further updates as planning progresses.

SARTI Annual General Meeting


The AGM of South Australian Recreation Trails Incorporated (SARTI), was held on 18th July. Annual reports were submitted and the election of Board Members.

Half the Board retired with all reelected for a two-year term with the exception of Julie Mathews who resigned as membership secretary after many years. Thank You Julie.

Julie & husband Trevor are still involved with SARTI in the Eudunda district with trail maintenance and reading of the local “traker” counter that records trail use.

Friends of the Lavender Federation Trail Membership

SARTI LogoYes! It's that time of the year again where we hope you will support the efforts of SARTI to maintain the Lavender Federation Trail and carry on our efforts to improve the trail.

Current Friends Members should have received an invoice by email or post, but with many people 'on the move' sometimes delivery is lost. If you have missed out on recieving a reminder of membership you can still renew online here.

If you are not yet a member - please give it some thought, membership is inexpensive, with individual memberships only costing $10, and Business Membership $100 (and businesses get advertising benefits). 

Your Support helps SARTI do all the wonderful things that you read about above - and more. We Thank all those who have already joined.

You can read this letter from our Chairperson Chris Bushell to our "Friends"

Peter Herriman has taken on the position of membership secretary, so if you have any queries about membership please contact him via the web form. or phone him on
0429 811 958 (Note that many times the phone is out of range, so please be prepared to leave a message with your contact details - especially if you have a private number).

Bits & Pieces:-

  • Lavender Federation Trail Map 2
    Planning is well advanced for a new Lavender Federation Trail Map 2 with printing about to commence. Map 2 covers the section between Mount Beevor and Springton. The new map will incorporate the Sanderston Trail and connecting link trail to the Springton Loop Trail that are on a separate free brochure available from map retailers.

  • LFT Ultra-Marathon
    An ultra marathon is planned between the 3rd & 7th June next year from Murray Bridge to Clare using the Lavender Federation Trail. Totalling 325 km, around 56-60 competitors are expected to compete in the first year. The marathon has the potential for towns along the route to organize events for the competitors and their support staff.

  • Upgrade for Sturt Reserve Murray Bridge
    Murray Bridge Council is in the final stages of planning a major redevelopment of Sturt Reserve on the riverfront. This area is the trailhead of the Lavender Federation Trail and as part of the redevelopment, new interpretive signage will be installed with trails a major part. One panel, “Regional Walks” will detail seven major walking trails with specific panels for the Lavender Federation and Murray Coorong Trails. Final designs for these signs is almost complete.

  • Trail Warnings & Local Events - Please Tell Us!!!
    We ask that the towns & districts along the Lavender Federation Trail send us news and warning items - We would love to be able to broadcast your Community Events to our readers (if in time - to the Footsteps Readers) but more likely to those who follow the Website and our Social Media streams on Facebook and Twitter.

    If LFT walkers know about your community event they may arrange thier arrival in your town or district to be present and enjoy it, creating a unique experience for them, and higher attendance for your event.

    For trail warnings: some of the events in your district may not be related to walking, but they MAY actually intersect somewhere along the trail. It would be great if you could let us know, so that walkers could be prepared for safety sake, and perhaps to end up taking the time to enjoy your event. They may choose to walk in another district too, but rest assured; they will be planning to come to yours to complete thier walk of the trail.

    Recently online and social media we were able to share about a State Championship level Car Rally - the Copyworld Walky 100" which was based in Eudunda. The rally used back roads in the district and actually took up large parts of the LFT. Basically it would have been impossible to walk the LFT between Eudunda and Truro on that day! This also applied a month later when the 24 hour Reliability Motorcycle trial was also held in the area.

    Please realise that SARTI is not able to broadcast these events unless someone tells us about them, and sometimes we only find out about them at very short notice.
  • OPEN GARDENS - Goyder Area - 19th & 20th Oct.
    There is a great opportunity to see some fantastic gardens in the Kapunda, Eudunda & Burra area over the coming weekend of of the 19th & 20th October, Why not combine it with walking or cycling in the area? You will not be disappointed as you will have access to some magnificent gardens.
    The Local Southern Goyder Calendar has links to each one
  • Restricted Hours For Fuel Supplies at Eudunda
    The Eudunda Roadhouse is currently closed for renovations. If you plan on visiting the Eudunda area, you can still find everything you would need - except Auto Gas. Petrol (Unleaded and Premium or Super) and Diesel are available but the hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm and Saturday 8:30am to 10:30am. Closed Sunday.  
    Check out a list of available items on the ECBAT website.
  • Retail map outlets for the Lavender Federation Trail are listed on the web site. See website
  • Maps & brochures to wholesalers - If you would like to stock Lavender Federation Trail Maps and or brochures please contact Don McDonald who has taken over the distributing maps & brochures to wholesalers. You can contact Don from the website.

    Mail Order Maps - We receive many requests for information on map purchases particularly from country areas or interstate. Click for the website 'Maps' page
  • Lavender Federation Trail Cloth Badges For Sale
    Cost is $10 plus postage however, some map outlets stock them if you want to avoid the postage.

  • They are also available from George Adams (phone 08) 8396-8140 or
     Order via web form 
  • Are you a “Friend of the Lavender Federation Trail”?
    Memberships are $10 PA for individuals with 5 & 10 year also available.
    Clubs and businesses $100 PA which include an advertisement on the web site.
    Your contribution will allow SARTI to maintain the Lavender Federation Trail (Thank You)

    Details of becoming a LFT “friend” are on the website.

  • Do you have any other favourite resources that might help others? 
  • You are welcome to tell us about your walk experience of the Lavender Federation Trail. Photos are welcome too!
  • Spot something wrong on the Trail - Please Tell Us!
  • Hear of a Community Event that will happen on or close to the trail that other walkers might like to know about - Let Us Know! - We want the communities along the LFT to benefit. CONTACT US

New Accommodation Listings
Click for Full Listing on Website

Clarevale Cottage 
In the heart of Clare,
PO Box 802, Clare, SA, 5453
0417 803 386
Manoora Sanctuary
On the Lavender Federation Trail,
in the heart of Manoora
0427 882 563 Bookings with Sandy

Manoora Centenary Park

Camping Available (not on oval itself)
Use of Showers at football change rooms (not always available during football season)
0408 100 446 – Phone Pat for more information
Located in Mintaro, 357 Burra Street,
We encourage walkers to drop in for a coffee and chat.
Gerald 0417 832 045 or Helen 0438 867 838
Cute and Cosy - Murray Bridge
Entire House - up to 6 guests
find out more on airbnb
If you would like to attract Lavender Federation Trail Walkers and thier support teams to your tourism related business, please contact us for details.


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from Our Business Members

Footside Farm

Overnight accommodation, Farm visits by appointment.

Refurbished ‘Barn’ for sleeping space. Toilet/shower close by.  Ample room for tenting.Catering options from self catering to fully catered country style with the option of featuring native foods. See Website

Carto Graphics

Unley based Carto Graphics has supplied SARTI with all the Lavender Federation Trail maps and given us great support including coming to all our Trail Openings with a display.
See Website

Cute and Cosy

Cute and Cosy - Murray Bridge
Entire House - up to 6 guests
3 bedrooms
3 beds
1 bath
Self Check-in
find out more & booking - airbnb

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