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Adelaide 100 Trail Is Very Popular, proving Jim McLean's vision at 3am and nine years of work is a win for all.
See article inside.

Footsteps Newsletter

Volume 20, Issue 3 - August, 2021


We have been fortunate in South Australia with only two short lockdowns keeping us home. Not so with the weather, however. The past few months have been difficult to plan walks with above average number of wet days. The eastern side of the Mt Lofty Ranges can usually be relied on to have dry days when Adelaide and the hills are wet but this year both June and July each had 16 days of precipitation recorded at Monarto  though many days were under 1 mm. The rain of course has been welcome news for our farmers, many (are our trail landowners) who have suffered from the previous three years of drought. The good news for our walkers and cyclists is that most of the trails east of the Adelaide Hills are dry. 

Be aware of sections of the LFT subject to inundation with some normally dry waterways, particularly those commencing in the Adelaide Hills at the greatest risk. Inundation risk sections are shown on Lavender Federation Trail maps. If you do not have the appropriate map, please ensure you have them before you commence walking. Map outlets are shown on the LFT web site at

In this issue:

  • End to End Walking the Lavender Federation Trail.
  • Madeleine Manning Art.
  • Australian Hiker Podcast
  • Adelaide 100.
  • Murray Coorong Trail.
  • Bits and Pieces.

End to End Walking the Lavender Federation Trail

On the 26th of August 2020, a group of Southern Adelaide walkers embarked on the Lavender Federation Trail in reverse. It was called this as some of these intrepid walkers were doing it for the second time in the opposite direction, from Clare to Murray Bridge. During the 22 walks, we completed most loops and spurs, and the average length of each walk was about 18 km.

Photo: Incredible scenery along the trail (Truro Gorge)

Along the way we were blessed with spectacular scenery, cute historical and rural townships, wild and domesticated animals, and friendly farmers.  We had many beautiful days, the occasional hot one and a couple of very stormy encounters. All of them were invigorating and built up a great sense of comradeship. We did one overnight stay in Clare, so completed the first two walks consecutively, but the rest of the 20 walks were day trips coming from the southern suburbs of Adelaide. This meant we drove many kilometers as well, and to sustain ourselves stopped off at a variety of excellent coffee shops, before and after each walk.

Photo: Encounters with other walkers along the trail

There is a great sense of achievement in completing a walk such as this, and we thank all those people who have made The Lavender Federation Trail such a hiking gem in South Australia. We completed our last walk on the 14th of July 2021.

Photo: Chatting with the locals (dog doesn’t look very friendly)

Ed: Many thanks to Nicola Jenkins for the article and members of her walking group for the photos.

Nicola commented,
“Regarding the photos, all of them were taken by other people. Most are posted up on The Southern Social Walking Meetup page. I don't know if you have heard of this, but Google Meetup Adelaide and you will see all the groups including our walking group.”

Photo: Mistiest day

We welcome contributed articles and photos of you or your groups experiences on the Lavender Federation Trail and the Lavender Cycling Trails or and of the great connecting trails.
Post a comment on the LFT website at

Madeleine Manning Art

This artwork, one of two, was created in 2020 and 2021 by Madeleine Manning who at the time was 19 years old and living in South Australia.


One artwork encompasses Clare to Inspiration Point, the second, as shown, from Inspiration Point to Moculta.

Madeleine has given the originals and the reproduction rights to South Australian Recreational Trails Incorporated (SARTI) provided all reproductions acknowledge that she is the artist.

SARTI is grateful of her generosity and will return the artwork to Madeleine should this ever be her wish. A framed print of each of the originals have been produced and will be available for loan to interested organizations such as Information Centres, Local Government offices or art galleries.

Lavender Federation Trail Website - Maps Page

Australian Hiker Podcast

Tim and Gill Savage are part of a Canberra based organization that produce hiking podcasts. In early June, a podcast was recorded about trail volunteering in South Australia. The first section of the podcast covered the Lavender Federation Trail, the second section, the Heysen Trail. The final package, Episode 187, went live on the 15th June.

You can listen to the podcast though the link
where you can choose to listen to both or individual sections, view photos, connect to related Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, other Australian Hiker podcasts and much more.

Adelaide 100 Trail.

SARTI Board member & minute secretary Jim McLean had a vision for a new trail. In his own words, Jim reflects how it all came about. 

“It was 3.00 am in July 2012 with the Heysen Trail fresh in my mind when an idea popped into my head. When that happens, I can’t let it go. I jumped out of bed, went to the home office, spread the maps out, and started looking for a way around the suburbs and hills of Adelaide.

A loop trail taking in coast, hills and fresh waterways could be accessed from the backdoors of a large population of curious, outdoors thirsty, health-conscious people.

"It couldn’t be too hard to make!"

In a couple of years, I could put a rough line-map out to the walking community to do with it as it wished, and I could wash my hands of the project. It soon became evident it wasn’t that easy. I needed help. The Friends of the Heysen Trail and the Warren Bonython Heysen Trail Foundation were very welcoming, they understood everything about making and managing a signature trail and were very good at it, but they had their plates full. SA Recreation Trails Inc (SARTI) were making the Lavender Federation Trail. They built and are managing a trail from scratch, so they knew what they were doing. They were extremely helpful, totally authoritative, but they had their hands with the Lavender Federation Trail. The Department for Environment and Water (manager of the Heysen Trail) and the SA Tourism Commission had other agendas. I tried smaller walking groups and trail makers; anyone I could find.”

That is just a small section about the creation of the Adelaide 100.

Read the full story on the Walking SA website 

Map of the Adelaide 100 trail

Click the map above for larger version and Interactive Map on Adelaide100 website

Click here to go to Adelaide100 website

Images from the Adelaide100 Website

Murray Coorong Trail

Currently under construction, the Murray Coorong is a multiuse walking and cycling trail that will eventually run for 450 km from Cadell in the Riverland to Salt Creek on the Coorong. A project of three Local Government authorities, Mid Murray, Rural City of Murray Bridge and Coorong, follows as close as possible the Murray River and Coorong.

Tour of the proposed Murray Coorong Trail in July 2015 by local interest groups & Local Government representatives.

Each Local Government is completing sections as funding becomes available close to the major town in their area; Mannum, Murray Bridge and Meninge. The downside is that initially, completed sections of the trail are isolated. In time, sections will connect.

Currently, these are the sections in each of the areas available for use.

Mid Murray Council.

  • Mannum ferry to Kia Marina (upstream on the southern side of the river). Trail marked.

Rural City of Murray Bridge.

Most of the MCT (Murray Coorong Trail) is on levy banks with all the DEW (Department of Environment & Water) levee banks accessible to the public.

  • Sturt Reserve to Toora Reserve (upstream). Trail marked. Initially shares a section with the Lavender Federation Trail giving many options on that section such as Sturt Reserve to Rocky Gully Loop or Mobilong Swamp Trail and return.

  • Sturt Reserve to Casuarina Reserve (downstream) This section is gradually being extended. Trail marked

  • Woods Point to Wellington. Not yet marked with Murray Coorong Trail markers. Cross to the eastern side of the river via the Wellington ferry. Part of the River Bend Heritage Trail from Jervois to Wellington.
    Alternative route. Cross to the eastern side of the river to Tailem Bend via the Jervois ferry (refer to Coorong District Council section).

Coorong District Council

Tailem Bend to Pangarinda Botanic Garden, Wellington East. Not yet marked with Murray Coorong Trail markers. Part of the River Bend Heritage Trail.

Completed sections of the Murray Coorong Trail is well marked with information boards of maps, distances, history, and trail information.

Another New Loop Trail - ‘Eudunda Southern Ridge Loop Trail‘

The Uncool Cycling Club run by Helen Dominish, Cycling Blogger and Co-Founders of the Lavender Cycling Trail (See acknowledgement of this group) has developed another cycling trail, this time to the South of Eudunda.

Helen has named this new one the ‘Eudunda Southern Ridge Loop Trail‘ and some of her friends from the Uncool Cycling Club got to enjoy the first public outing of the 31 kilometre loop trail back last August.

The trail is mostly gravel, some clay, some moderate uphill and downhill, quiet backroads, great views and some historic areas to visit.

Check out the great writeup on:
The Uncool Cycling Club

Eudunda is only a short trip by car from Adelaide, a safe 1.5 hours drive, so a fantastic day out for you.

If you are thinking of making a weekend of the ride, consider staying in the area, as Hotels, Motel, B&B’s and the Caravan Park make this option possible. This would give you the chance to enjoy the area’s second great riding loop trail ‘Eudunda To Inspiration Point Loop Trail‘ (also developed by Helen).

Not only is ‘Inspirational Point’ one of the focal locations of the top of the range you are riding along, worth a visit just for the views, but the ride is fairly friendly and you will enjoy the back roads, with great views for much of the 54 kilometer ride.

While you are there, check out the new Eudunda Silo Art as it unfolds

Eudunda Silo Art by Sam Brooks

Eudunda Silo Art Facebook Page

Loop Trail photo thanks to Helen Dominish
Click to Explore the Lavender Cycling Trail (M2C)

Bits & Pieces:-

Encompass KI Trail.

SARTI Chairman Chris Bushell met with local Kangaroo Island resident Rick Andrews in May on KI. 
Chris Bushell’s comments regarding the concept,
“Rick has a clear vision of the concept of a multi-use trail around the island. It clearly is a long-term project, and he has made local contacts and gained community support.  He has identified and recruited a range of the required expertise. He has a plan for the first stage of the project but will need input from our experts to cost and build his proposal for the first stage. He took me around his proposed route for the first stage, a combination of existing trails, road reserves and private land.  Some problems to be overcome as we would expect.  In the longer term this resembles the Walk the Yorke Trail where there are existing trails to be incorporated in a major undertaking.

"I have to say this is a project worthy of our support.”

The SARTI Board has decided to assist with the project where possible and has offered our expertise where required.
Image from
Find the latest info on the LFT Accommodation Pages

A Big "Thank You For Joining" To All Our New Members

Are you a “Friend of the Lavender Federation Trail”?

All work on the trail network is by volunteers.

The trail is maintained by twelve volunteer teams who receive a small renumeration for their fuel costs, the SARTI Board travels from many locations to attend meetings often involving up to 5 hours of travel and public liability insurance is approaching $2,000 per year. The cost of replacing and updating a map is $6,000.

Every donation helps with just $10 PA as a starting support amount.
Details on our Membership page

Currently 786 individuals and groups receive our newsletter but just 11% are financial supporters.
2021-2022 Membership available now. Click Here
Note1: You can become a member at any time of the year.
Note2: SARTI have given up on using a Post Office Box, everyone has been paying by EFT. So now on Memberships can only be paid by Direct Bank Transfer (E.F.T.). Details of the bank account are in the email you receive about joining and payments, so please make sure your email details are correct when you enter them.
Become a “Friend of the Lavender Federation Trail”
For The Latest Information and Resources about the COVID-19 Pandemic including things like Travel restrictions. this is especially important for anyone planning to come from Interstate, as each state has its own rules (on top of the Federal  ones). Stay Safe!
Please visit the South Australian Government website for COVOD-19

Lavender Cycling Trail (M2C) To Gain Significant Markers in 2021.

The M2C Trail uses the walking section of the Lavender Federation Trail where possible but does have separate sections.

Work will be undertaken during 2021 to place markers at the locations where the two trails deviate. In the future it is hoped to be able to obtain funding to fully mark the M2C Trail.

Reports from Cyclists about the Lavender Cycling Trail (M2C) have been very positive, with most using the GPS Map on the M2C website.
As new cyclists are discovering the trail through various sources we have recieved feedback that there are many who do not rely on the GPS. The reports have said that when the trail deviates away from the Lavender Federation Walking Trail which is well marked, there have been some 'debating sessions' as to which way cyclists are to head. 

SARTI have realised that in the short term marking these points will greatly help riders in the future and have recognised the need to mark the whole trail when funding can be gained.

SARTI has also received feedback from riders that have purchased the Walking Trail Maps that they have been very helpful and informative. You can ride the M2C without the maps, but many have enjoyed having them along for the ride.

Lavender Federation Trail Map 2 Updated
Trail maps are available at map outlets listed on our web site. Carto Graphics and the Map Shop are happy to mail order to interstate and country orders.

Some Visitor Information Centres may also stock our maps, but be aware they may be temporarily closed and will have COVID Safe procedures, so phone ahead if you can,
(see our maps page).

Volunteer assistance at Kinchina always welcome.

The group meets one morning a month. Contact Dale at for details.

Image from the Jail Break Trail Opening - SARTI - Apr 2016
Have you looked at all the information available on the LFT website? 
Wanting to find some shorter walks to get fit? The Lavender Trail has many Loop and Spur trails based around it, just waiting to be explored, walked or cycled.
The image above was taken on the Springton Loop Trail and can be found in the LFT Photo Library (LFT - Map 3 - Springton to Truro).

Trying to find out more information about the trail? Or perhaps you are stuck at home or in hospital and can not get out to walk or ride, then our websites might answer your question or satisfy your need to be outdoors.

Interested in accommodation / where to purchase maps / trail informationfrequently asked questions?
These are sections just under the “Home” tab.

In other sections you can read stories submitted by walkers that have walked end to end, look at a photo journal arranged under each of the six trail maps, view videos from Channels 7 & 9, listen to stories & interviews from ABC local radio & Radio National and much more.

Relax and enjoy the view of the Bremmer Valley

Relax and enjoy the view of the Bremmer Valley from a new seat installed by the RCMB. Well worth spending some time there just taking in the view.

Looking For Camping Sites on the Lavender Trails?

New Listings added August 2021

Check out the new website Camping listing.

You can find it on the LFT website under Home, Accommodation, Camping - where You Can Camp.

Please be aware that this is a guide only, things may change quickly and you should phone ahead to the listed contacts to confirm that it is ok when you plan to go.

If you know a spot not listed or details that need updating - please contact us

The Lavender Federation Trail web site is continually being updated with stay options. Some sections of the trail traverse areas away from close accommodation and we are happy to say that some operators are happy to pick up and drop off. Contact providers direct and ask if pick up and drop off services are available.

Image is from Camping near Sanderston Trail.
Yes! although you might not see this exact same scene, star filled nights of the 'Milky Way' and many beautiful galaxies are quite possible with the naked eye, if the weather is clear at night. Happy Viewing!
Find the latest info on the LFT Accommodation Pages

‘Coffee Cubicle’ at Manoora Memorial Hall 3 times a week

Judy Searley of the Cogwebs Hub Café, Bicycle Hire and Visitor Information Outlet at Auburn is looking after you with her ‘Coffee Cubicle’ at Manoora Memorial Hall three times a week on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday from 09:30am to 2:30pm.

There are also Public Toilets so you will be well catered for. Last February, Judy had LFT walker Paul stop and get food and drink from her van, and he took a well-earned break there.

Judy would like to thank Paul for his permission to use the photo.

Manoora is a very welcoming community as many walkers and MTB riders have discovered. The oval clubrooms have offered a hot shower and a meal to many trail users. There are also several accommodation options in the vicinity.

Tourism Operators.

SARTI has a special offer to businesses along the length of the Lavender Federation Trails (both walking and cycling trails) to assist them get on their feet after the COVID drop in travel.

Free 12 months advertising of on our website that includes a photo and details.

Leave a message on the website to take advantage of the offer. This includes accommodation, camping facilities, transport services, food outlets or any services that may be of interest to walkers and MTB riders.

The New Trail's Accommodation Listing Online

Bigger and brighter - if your accommodation is not listed - tell us about your business so we can add it and help people find you.

Check out the example above of the Rabbiters Hut Cottage listing above.
Register Your Interest on our web form

Maintenance of the Lavender Federation Trail

Contact Trail Maintenance Manager Stuart Shepherd at 85682340 or 0431369354 if you are interested in assisting. There are currently 12 groups who look after the Walking Trail. Sharing to load with others could be a pleasurable experience.

Please Report any Damage or Concerns ASAP

We ask all trail users, if you see anything that feel feel needs attention such as missing stiles (several have been stolen this year), improved signage or better track access, you are our eyes. Please report to Stuart or alternatively, leave a message on our web site.

Report a Problem on the Trail (Walking or Cycling)

Trail Warnings & Local Events - Please Tell Us!!!

We ask that the towns & districts along the Lavender Federation Trail send us news and warning items - We would love to be able to broadcast your Community Events to our readers (if in time - to the Footsteps Readers) but more likely to those who follow the Website and our Social Media streams on Facebook and Twitter.

If LFT walkers know about your community event they may arrange thier arrival in your town or district to be present and enjoy it, creating a unique experience for them, and higher attendance for your event.

For trail warnings: some of the events in your district may not be related to walking, but they MAY actually intersect somewhere along the trail. It would be great if you could let us know, so that walkers could be prepared for safety sake, and perhaps to end up taking the time to enjoy your event. They may choose to walk in another district too, but rest assured; they will be planning to come to yours to complete thier walk of the trail.

Please realise that SARTI is not able to broadcast these events unless someone tells us about them, and sometimes we only find out about them at very short notice.

Current Trail Warnings:- 

We have recently been able to give Trail WARNINGS for several events along the trail.
Do you know of an event that could impact on walkers and cyclists of the trails?

Please let us know ASAP.

Who is SARTI?

How does SARTI relate to the Lavender Federation Trail/Lavender Cycling Trail
(and many loop & spur Trails)

A new website “South Australian Recreation Trails Incorporated” (SARTI) is to be developed.
Both the trails have web sites containing everything you needed to know about the trails. Where do you find information about the organization responsible for building these trails, South Australian Recreation Trails Incorporated (SARTI)?
The SARTI Board has decided to create a specific SARTI website. On this site when it goes live online, you will find, its history, composition, achievements, current projects and much more. 
Check Out Previous Footsteps Newsletters

Find Resources On Our Website

  • Retail map outlets for the Lavender Federation Trail are listed on the web site. See website 
  • Maps & brochures to wholesalers - If you would like to stock Lavender Federation Trail Maps and or brochures please contact Don McDonald who has taken over the distributing maps & brochures to wholesalers. You can contact Don from the website.

    Mail Order Maps - We receive many requests for information on map purchases particularly from country areas or interstate. Click for the website 'Maps' page
  • Lavender Federation Trail Cloth Badges For Sale
    Cost is $10 plus postage however, some map outlets stock them if you want to avoid the postage.

  • They are also available from George Adams (phone 08) 8396-8140 or
     Order via web form 


  • Do you have any other favourite resources that might help others? 
  • You are welcome to tell us about your walk experience of the Lavender Federation Trail. Photos are welcome too!
  • Spot something wrong on the Trail - Please Tell Us!
  • Hear of a Community Event that will happen on or close to the trail that other walkers might like to know about - Let Us Know! - We want the communities along the LFT to benefit. CONTACT US

New Accommodation Listings On Website
Click for See Listing

Additionally there is a great amount of work behind the scenes
collecting information on "Camping sites" suitable for walkers
and these will become available on the website when verified.
Some areas have been delayed as Councils are consulted
If you would like to attract Lavender Federation Trail Walkers and thier support teams to your tourism related business, please contact us for details.


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Footside Farm

Overnight accommodation, Farm visits by appointment.

Refurbished ‘Barn’ for sleeping space. Toilet/shower close by.  Ample room for tenting.Catering options from self catering to fully catered country style with the option of featuring native foods. See Website

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