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Lavender Federation Trail - was opened 5th May 2018, The interpretive signs Unveiling at the Clare Trailhead by Anne Lavender (Patron) with Grandchildren Jack and Hayley, Geoff Brock M.P. (Member for Frome) and Chris Bushell (SARTI Chairperson). See what is underneath the sheet in article below.

Footsteps Newsletter

Volume 17, Issue 2 - June, 2018
In this issue:
  • Celebrating the completion of the Lavender Federation Trail.
  • New Website With Lots of Photos
  • SARTI - what is the future?
  • SARTI - Annual General Meeting.
  • Three New Spur Trails Completed
  • Celebrating 100 years of the Clare Railway 7th & 8th July
  • Bits & Pieces.
The last few months have been a very busy time for SARTI.
A last minute effort to complete the main trail, many requests from media organizations about the trail project and finalizing the opening ceremony arrangements to celebrate the trail completion to Clare.

A big welcome to new subscribers to this newsletter.
The massive publicity surrounding the LFT completion has resulted in a huge increase in this newsletters distribution list.
Previous editions can always be accessed from the web site.

In future editions, we will be reintroducing a feature on suggested walks on the main trail & connecting loop & spur trails that space hasn’t permitted for some time.

After 21 years the Lavender Federation Trail is Complete,
A mamouth work by volunteers to build this 325km trail
Celebrated with a Grand Opening held at Clare.

Celebrating the completion of the Lavender Federation Trail:-

Saturday 5th May the completion of the final section of the Lavender Federation Trail from Manoora to Clare and the completion of the Lavender Federation Trail was celebrated at Clare.

The weather was great, public support was excellent with a crowd estimated at 300 with many local residents and some that were at the first meeting held in the Scout Shop 21 years ago when the trail was first proposed.

Many took advantage of the free bus service and enabled a walk of 15, 10 or 5 kilometres on a new section of trail between Spring Gully CP and the trail head at the Lennon Street Car Park in Clare.

The Mayors or Deputy Mayors of all five Local Government areas the trail traverses attended as well as Geoff Brock MP, Member for Frome and Adrian Pederick, Member for Hammond.
Certificates of appreciation were presented to those who have dedicated their time on the SARTI Board as a representative of their Local Government, district, or assisted in trail construction.

Top: Visitors viewed displays from walking clubs & retail stores and snacked from food outlets from local clubs while many were away walking.
Below Left: (L) Chris Bushell (SARTI Chairperson), Geoff Brock MP (Member for Frome), Adrain Pederick (Member for Hammond).

Below Right: Geoff Brock MP talks to Tony Budarick & Malcom Blight of Murray Bridge. Tony attended the 1st meeting in Adelaide 21 years ago when the trail was first proposed.
Above and Below: Lavender Federation Trail - Clare Opening - Crowd hear Opening Speeches
Above: During Geoff Brock's Opening Speech of the Lavender Federation Trail - Manoora to Clare Section he welcomed Hayley & Jack of the Lavender Family and spoke of how they and the younger generation would be the future custodians of the Trail.
L-R: Hayley, Jack, Anne Lavender, Geoff Brock MP.
Below L-R: Anne Lavender, Jack, Hayley, Geoff Brock MP. with Chris Bushell reveal the new Lavender Federation Trail Interpretive signs.

Top Left: Friends of the Heysen Trail President Melonie Sjoberg presents a commemorative plaque to SARTI President Chris Bushell. A copy of the plaque will be mounted on the interpretive signboard at Webb Gap where the Heysen Trail & LFT meet.
Top Right: The plaque will be celebrating the spot where the Heysen Trail and the Lavender Federation Trail meet at Webb Gap

Below Left: Alan Mayfield, Chairman of the Riesling Trail Management Committee speaks at the opening..

Below Right: George Adams, SARTI Board member with Andrew Moylan, Forestry SA. Andrew assisted SARTI with trail building workshops & trail construction in the early days of the trail.

Below: Terry Lavender OAM, trail architect, who first thought of the route of the Lavender Federation Trail wearing his famous well worn hat, which is now in the possession of grandson Jack Lavender who generously allowed our official opener Geoff Brock MP. to try it on. L-R: Jack & Hayley, Geoff Brock, Insert - Terry Lavender.

Photo Below: The days prior to the official opening was a “last minute” scene of activity with additional signs being installed between Watervale and Clare on the shared Riesling/Mawson/Lavender Federation Trail section, Spring Gully Conservation Park and the approaches into Clare. Those with a keen eye will notice a small change in the trail name within the park.

New Web Site:-

Web master Peter Herriman has been busing over the past months constructing a completely new web site for the Lavender Federation Trail.

The home page has easy to access tabs for news, stories, photos, contact us, Facebook, Twitter and search. There is also up to date weather information with a drop down box to nine locations along the trail, a page about accommodation, map and brochure suppliers and a contact form so you can tell us about your experiences along the trail. The home page will have regular updates including emergency information from the CFS if fires are in the vicinity of any part of the trail network.
[you should always plan your trip to stay safe, as we can only post warnings if we get to hear about them, and conditions can change very quickly. We would appreciate a call to Peter on 0429 811 958 to let us know of any dangers on the trail, so we can post warnings for others. ]

Under the “photos” tab, the 500+ High quality photos now coincide with each of the six maps and are in order as though walking the trail from Murray Bridge to Clare. Now included are photos of the loop and spur trails shown on each of the maps. 

Let us know what you think of the new web site. We would love your feedback about your walks, areas of trail you feel need changes or any feature you feel you would like to see on the web site.

We also welcome contact from accommodation providers along the trail. One of the most asked questions posted on the web site are about accommodation. If you are in this industry, there are many walkers, often from other states, who need accommodation as they walk from end to end over several weeks. Why not advertise on the web site?

SARTI. What is its future?

A comment made to one of the SARTI Board at the Clare opening was, “You guys have accumulated too much expertise on trail building over the past 21 years to disband”. This comment was the subject of much discussion at the last board meeting. Four new trails have been submitted for investigation and will be discussed at length at the next meeting in July.

Projects underway include the design & production of a new updated Map 1 Murray Bridge to Mount Beevor. Many changes have occurred to the route of the trail since the current map was released particularly in the Murray Bridge/Monarto areas and several trails have been constructed in the Kinchina Conservation Park at Monarto that connect to the LFT. The new map is anticipated to cost over $6,000 to produce.

Trail maintenance teams (10 teams) are still needed to maintain trails, maps and brochures distributed and public liability insurance of $1,800 per year kept up to date.

SARTI Annual General Meeting:-

The Annual General Meeting of South Australian Recreation Trails Incorporated (SARTI) will be held on Thursday 5th July 2018 at the home of SARTI Chairman Chris Bushell, 69, Valley View Drive, Highbury. Lunch at 12 noon (please contribute a salad or desert), AGM at 1.00 pm followed by a general meeting.

Some SARTI Board members have indicated that after many years of work building the trail and all the work associated with trail building that they will be retiring. There is an opportunity for anybody interested in having a say in SARTI and its future by taking a position on the board. The only commitment is attending meeting that, in the past, were held about 6-8 times per annum but in future, 4 times PA.

Contact Chris Bushell via contact form on the website 
if you require any details about SARTI.

Three new spur trails completed:-

Three new trails have been completed in the past weeks with trail infrastructure installed. These are:-

  • A spur trail into Hampton. Leads from the disused rail track section of the main trail from Eudunda to Hampden. The remains of the railway station can be seen from the spur trail.

  • A spur trail to the summit of Mt Horrocks. This trail is on private property on the Mintaro to Watervale section of the main trail. Great views on a clear day from the Waterloo wind farm to St Vincent’s Gulf.

  • A spur trail to Neagles Rock Lookout. Near Clare, this area is planned to have considerable upgrading in the future as many of the trails in this area are badly eroded.

These new trails do not appear on any current LFT maps. Negotiations with stakeholders were still underway when map 6 printing was underway.

Celebrating 100 years of the Clare Railway:-

Various celebrations are planned for the 7th & 8th July as Clare remembers the official opening of the Riverton to Clare section of the railway on the 4th July 1918.

Little public information on what is happening for that weekend, so the best we can suggest is to contact the Clare Valley Wine, Food & Tourism Centre and the National Railway Museum directly to get accurate details.

Celebrations both in Clare and also at the National Railway Museum, 76 Lipson Street, Port Adelaide where a book called 'The Riesling Railway' by John Wilson's will be officially launched by Monica McInerney on Saturday at the National Railway Museum.. 
Clare Valley Wine, Food & Tourism Centre 
National Railway Museum, Port Adelaide

New Accommodation Listings
Click for Full Listing on Website

Clarevale Cottage 
In the heart of Clare,
PO Box 802, Clare, SA, 5453
0417 803 386
Manoora Sanctuary
On the Lavender Federation Trail,
in the heart of Manoora
0427 882 563 Bookings with Sandy

Manoora Centenary Park

Camping Available (not on oval itself)
Use of Showers at football change rooms (not always available during football season)
0408 100 446 – Phone Pat for more information
If you would like to attract Lavender Federation Trail Walkers and thier support teams to your tourism related business, please contact us for details.

Bits & Pieces:-

  • Retail map outlets for the Lavender Federation Trail are listed on the web site. These outlets also stock copies of the free Lavender Federation Trail brochure and a separate free brochure and map of the Sanderston Trail which is not shown on Map 3 but photos are on the web site. The Sanderston Trail connects to the Springton Loop Trail at the eastern end. 

    We receive many requests for information on map purchases particularly from country areas or interstate. Maps retail for $10 each. Cartographics will mail map individual copies at $9.95 each plus $3.50 postage or a complete set of 6 maps for $54 plus postage. Cartographics details from the web site.


    Click for the website 'Maps' page
  • Tracker Pedestrian Counters
    A series of Tracker pedestrian counters are now in place at several locations along the LFT. New installations were recently installed at Eudunda (44 & 51 recorded over the last 2 months) and between Mintaro & Watervale (8 before the trail opened & 118 last month). Trackers, which cost $1,100 each to purchase & install, are also located east of Dutton and in Kinchina CP, Monarto.
  • We now have a Lavender Federation Trail cloth badge.
    Cost is $10 plus postage however, some map outlets stock them if you want to avoid the postage.

    They are also available from George Adams (phone 08) 8396-8140 or
     send message via web form 
  • Great Coverage on Radio for the LFT, Worth Listening To It
    Did you manage to hear any interviews on radio in the lead up to the completion of the Lavender Federation Trail? If you missed them, access these links-
    ABC Radio Sunday Breakfast Edition
    Interesting background to the Heysen, Riesling and Lavender Federation Trails by Ann Lavender followed by an interview about the trail and its completion with ABC Adelaide presenter Deb Tribe. This interview will be added to our web site.

    Interview on the history of the LFT on Flow FM. Flow FM broadcasts in country areas of SA, Victoria, NSW and NT.
    Click on the link within the article to listen to it.

    Publicity leading up to the completion of the LFT has generated considerable media attention. Since the trail opening, approaches for information about its history, effect on tourism, particularly small communities and their cooperation have been received. Approaches have come from ABC Radio National, researchers from the Regional Australia Institute in Canberra and several other media outlets including TV producers.
  • Are you a “Friend of the Lavender Federation Trail”?
    Memberships are $10 PA for individuals with 5 & 10 year also available.
    Clubs and businesses $100 PA which include an advertisement on the web site.

    Details of becoming a LFT “friend” are on the website.
  • Maintenance Team Needed - Preamimma Mines and Mt Beevor
    We need a new team, club or individual to maintain a section of the trail between Preamimma Mines and Mt Beevor. The existing maintenance group is unable to continue.

    Generally, one check PA is needed with plant trimming and signage checked.

    Details from George Adams at 8396-8140, or
    Use our 'Report a Problem web form to contact George
  • Do you have any other favourite resources that might help others? Let us know
  • You are welcome to tell us about your walk experience of the Lavender Federation Trail.


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