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Volume 14, Issue 2 - AUGUST, 2015
Banner photo - May 2014 - SARTI Board Members inspected the next important link in heading North out of the Eudunda, the disused Eudunda to Hampden Railway corridor. At this critical evaluation it was decided that the use of the railway line was essential to the trail's success.
L-R: Ian Poole, George Adams, Isobel Barrett, Bob England, Chris Bushell, Roger Lillecrapp, Graham Hallandal, Barry Stacey & Peter Herriman (taking photo).

Dear Footsteps Followers,
We have a new Footsteps Newsletter for you.
Footsteps is the Newsletter of the South Australian Recreation Trails Incorporated (SARTI) and the Lavender Federation Trail.


In this issue:
  • Lavender Federation Trail extension to commence. 
  • Sanders Gorge Spur Trail.
  • New Trails planned at Monarto.
  • SARTI Annual General Meeting.
  • Bits and Pieces

Lavender Federation Trail extension to commence:-

South Australian Minister for Recreation and Sport, the Hon. Leon Bignell MP has announced that “South Australian Recreation Trails Incorporated” has “been successful in receiving financial assistance through the 2015/16 Community Recreation and Sport Facilities Project to extend the Lavender Trail from the current location at Eudunda from Murray Bridge to Clare”.

Mr. Bignell added “I wish you every success in the future and trust the financial assistance provided will have a positive impact on the current levels of participation in recreation and sport within our community”.

Details of the trail extension plans over the next two years were detailed in the April edition of “Footsteps” (Volume 14 Issue 1) and can be accessed from the web site

Funding was not successful to create a rubble cover over the rail ballast to create a multi-purpose trail along the Eudunda to Hampden rail corridor. The SARTI Board will consider the possibility of obtaining funding in the future which would allow bike access through to Robertstown.
The 106.5 kilometer extension from Eudunda to Clare plus the Point Pass Loop Trail (8 km) and Robertstown Spur Trail (7.5 km) will keep our volunteer work force extremely busy over the coming years.

On completion to Clare, the Lavender Federation Trail main trail will be 320 kilometers in length. When the six planned loop and spur trails are completed in the next 18 months, together with seven currently available, an additional 93 kilometers of trail will be accessible from the Lavender Federation Trail.

Current plans are to complete the new section to Webb Gap in time for the opening of the 2016 Walking Season. Friends of the Heysen Trail have suggested the possibility of a ceremony for the linking of the two trails at Web Gap and this suggestion has been enthusiastically received by the SARTI Board.

When the Lavender Federation Trail is completed, it will link the Heysen, Riesling and Rattler Trails together for the first time creating 1695 kilometers of interlinked trail.


 Saunder Gorge Spur Trail:-

“Lavender Federation Sanderston Trail” will be the official name for this new trail of 9 kilometers which will head east from the Springton Loop Trail on minor back roads onto a 2 metre wide easement across private property of Brenton and Nadine Newman.

Our thanks to the Mid Murray Council who have funded $5350 to purchase materials to construct this trail and to property owners Brenton and Nadine for their continuing support.

Work will start soon when fencing work is completed.

Jailbreak Trail:-

Work continues at Monarto constructing the Jailbreak Trail from Rocky Gully across the Narrinyeri Hills to the Princess Highway at Tower Hill.

A small group works for around 3 hours on the last Sunday of every month to construct a trail suitable to both walkers and MTB riders.

The recent demolition of a house on Crown Land has opened an area to allow a second access into Rocky Gully thereby creating a loop trail from Rocky Gully. The trails are entirely off road, cross one road and will total approximately 7 kilometers.

Anticipated opening of the trail is April 2016.

Help would be welcome with the trail construction. Contact the trail organizer David Clark at for details of the dates & meeting place.

Jailbreak Trail, Monarto - Section under construction in Rocky Gully (left).
View of the River Murray and Murray Bridge from the Narrinyeri Hills (right)


New Trails Planned at Monarto:-

A grazing lease has recently expired on a section of Crown Land at Monarto. This will now make land available to reroute 2 kilometres of the Lavender Federation Trail off of Hartman Road and on to Crown Land.

The lease expiry also opens up an area of land to construct a loop trail to the north of Hartman Road. The final route of the loop trail is yet to be determined but should be between 8 and 10 kilometers in length.

Ruined house on the proposed reroute of the LFT off Hartman Road, Monarto

SARTI Annual General Meeting:-

The AGM was held on Thursday 2nd July at the Truro Football Clubrooms at 1.00 pm.
The Management Board of South Australian Recreation Trails Incorporated for 2015/16 is:-

Chris Bushell, Chairman.
Ann Lavender, Patron.
Barry Stacey, Secretary.
Bob England, Treasurer.
Ian Poole, Manager, Trail Planning.
George Adams, Manager, Trail Maintenance/Map distribution.
Graham Hallandal, Manager, Funding/Publicity.
Michael Seager, Barossa Council representative.
Roger Lillecrapp, Keyneton Area Regional representative.
Isobel Barrett, ARPA representative.
Peter Herriman, Eudunda Area Regional representative/Web site.
Trevor Mathews, ECBAT representative.
Julie Mathews, Membership Secretary.
John Neal, Goyder Council representative.
Kevin Myers, Mid Murray Council representative.
Jeremy Kells, Clare & Gilbert Valley Council representative.
Kevin Heyndyk, Rural City of Murray Bridge liaison.

Photo taken at Truro Oval April (meeting prior to AGM).
L-R: George Adams, John Neal, Chris Bushell, Trevor Mathews, Graham Hallandal, Ian Poole, Barry Stacey, Michael Seager, Bob England, Roger Lillecrapp, Kevin Myers, Ann Lavender.


Bits and Pieces:-

  • Membership.
    Are you a “Friend of the Lavender Federation Trail”?  Membership is just $10 PA for individuals or $100 PA for businesses & organizations.

    This newsletter is free to anyone who wishes to receive it but remember SARTI is a 100% volunteer organization who works for your benefit.  Volunteers travel hundreds of kilometers each year at their own expense to not only construct but maintain the existing 265 kilometers of trails we have already constructed, often spending many days away from home.
    Although we are supported by Local & State Government grants and donations from walking clubs, public liability insurance alone costs SARTI around $1600 PA.
    Annual amount for individuals is just $10 PA and you can become a Friend of the Lavender Federation Trail with a 5, 10 or lifetime membership. Business memberships include web site advertising if required.
    Full details and membership forms
    See website at
  • Radio Interview
    ABC Radio Riverland broadcast in June the third interview about the Lavender Federation Trail it has featured on their morning program "Riverland Today" with Narelle Graham. This interview detailed our plans for the LFT extension to Clare as well as the proposed River Trail planned to run from Cadell in the Riverland to Salt Creek on the Coorong.

    You can listen to the interview by accessing ABC Riverland on the link
  • Lavender Trail Extended Walks
    The LFT web site is receiving increasing enquiries particularly from Interstate and regional areas by individuals and groups wanting to walk the LFT over several consecutive days. Many enquire about locations along the trail to camp or for accommodation nearby, and also possible pick/drop off services.
    A subcommittee has been formed to identify accommodation of all grades, caravan parks and camping spots along the length of the trail. These locations will be placed on the web site. Some accommodation providers advertise on our website with some offering discounts to LFT users. If you intend walking the LFT and require accommodation it is suggested you contact local Information Centres in the appropriate Local Government area.
    You will find our web page a great start - (note: there are 3 tabs of info there).
    If you find some info that might be of value listing here, or are a tourism operator related to the area of the Lavender Trail, please let us know through contact page on the website.
  • Riesling Trail (Clare & Gilbert Valley)
    A Group of LFT representative will attend the Riesling Trail AGM in November. A PowerPoint presentation on the Lavender Federation Trail will be shown to those attending so that there is a greater understanding of the plans for the LFT as it approaches the Clare District.
    Congratulations to the Riesling Trail for being voted in "The Guardian's top 10 bike-friendly wine routes in the world. Check out the article on thier website
  • Tracker Counter Stolen
    SARTI for the past five years has collected data from a “Tracker” counter installed at the top of Rocky Gully. The information is compiled by Walking SA together with similar counters on trails throughout the State. When a reading at the end of June was to be taken it was discovered that the Tracker, valued at $858 had been stolen. Located in a steel housing and requiring a large pipe wrench to open, someone had gone to the trouble to steal the tracker.
    Last year the lens of the counter was destroyed by a cigarette burn requiring a repair bill of several hundred dollars.
    The tracker has not been replaced.
  • Kids get involved in Lavender Trail at Eudunda.
    The Eudunda Golf Course is on the Southern tip of Eudunda is a beautiful walk into the town and also part of the Lavender Federation Trail. Recently trees were removed in front of the golf course due to disease, leaving the area a bit of a wasteland. All this right before thier biggest golfing weekend for the year.
    It just goes to show what can be done when the community get together on a project.
    The trees had been mulched into wood chips and used for ground cover. It was spread quickly with the help of David Cluse (Headmaster for the Eudunda Area School) for allowing another great supporter of local community projects, Greg Post to drive the school's front end loader.

    Golf Club and Walking Trail supporter Jenny Herriman realised that it was close to 'National Tree Day' and would be a great project so she spoke to the Eudunda Area School about planting trees there. The reception kids were able to take up the offer and did a great job, with the help of their teacher Joanna Connelly and Ag Science mentor Jim Dunstan. (Jim runs a Trees for Life planting project at the school - and it was some of those local native plants which were used). Amazingly this was all arranged and done within a couple days.

    The children heard about the benefits their work was doing for the community, the Golf Club, the Oval Area and also that it would make the Lavender Trail even better. Most of the children had not heard of the Lavender Trail, but some did know of Murray Bridge and were amazed they could walk there. While Jim was doing the hard work of digging the holes, the kids even got to go for a run on part of the Lavender Trail and they loved it.

    All us adults involved hope that their good experience will have a lasting effect on the children that they may feel ownership of the area, and of course that a few may become future walkers, golfers and continue to plant trees.

    Eudunda Area School Reception Class planting trees on part of the Lavender Trail.
  • Walk suggestions #1
    Through Rocky Gully near Murray Bridge through to the entrance of Monarto Zoo is an easy walk through some great scenery. The trail head at Sturt Reserve for most of the trail to Rocky Gully has been upgraded by the M/B Council. In the area around the wetlands the trail varies from the route shown on Map 1 by diverting onto Hume Reserve, across a bridge (an aboriginal midden is worth a look on the hill above the bridge) and onto a levy bank. The levy bank on the north of the bridge is part of a loop trail.
     A unique part of the section of trail is a glimpse of some exotic animals such as giraffe, rare Mongolian Wild Horses or maybe some antelope as the trail passes the Monarto Zoo southern boundary.
  • Walk suggestions #2
    Gum Gully from the end of Rams Road through to Range Road is all off road in a peaceful area with sightings of kangaroos common. Will require a car shuffle or retracing your steps.

    Gum Gully, Rockleigh


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