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Eudunda, has a new facility in the Eudunda Caravan Park to add to the alternatives in the area, making the town a great place to base your walks, North and South.

Footsteps Newsletter

Volume 16, Issue 2 - September, 2017
Dear Footsteps Followers,
Six months have passed since the last issue of Footsteps!

This doesn’t mean that South Australian Recreation Trails Inc. (SARTI) has had a period of little activity; quite the opposite. A core group of volunteers have spent many hours of planning, meetings and working on extending the Lavender Federation Trail network. You can read what we have been doing in this newsletter.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter; get trail information from the web site which will answer most questions you may have but facility exists where you can ask questions not covered on the web site, make suggestions, post comments or report trail damage.
In this issue:
  • Clare; here we come.
  • When will the trail be finished to Clare?
  • SARTI Annual General Meeting.
  • SARTI Awards Life Memberships.
  • New book records the development of the LFT.
  • New Brochures released.
  • Bits and Pieces.

Clare; here we come:-

Trail Planning Manager Ian Pool has, over the past year, spent many hundreds of hours of negotiations and discussions with State & Local Government authorities, local land owners, interest groups and individuals as we move the Lavender Federation Trail onwards from Manoora to Clare.

This section of trail has proven to be one of the most difficult and time consuming sections of trail to negotiate a satisfactory route for the entire 382 km of trails built by SARTI since 1999. When initially planning the proposed route where we believe a suitable location exists, we attempt where possible to use unmade road reserves. In the area from Mintaro onwards, one of the major obstacles have been that several road reserves shown on current maps have been sold.

In one location near Watervale, Council granted an “exclusive lease” of a road reserve to an adjacent landowner. After considerable negotiations for a route satisfactory to SARTI, landowners & local authorities which stalled, it has been decided that the Lavender Federation Trail will now share a 6 km section of the Riesling Trail near Watervale before heading west towards Spring Gully Conservation Park. 

Negotiations have been ongoing since last year to access a section of the Spring Gully Conservation Park. This has involved Friends of the Spring Gully Conservation Park and DEWNR staff which have reached a satisfactory conclusion. Spectacular views area feature of this section of trail.
Spring Gully Conservation Park.

Progress however is being made in many areas since the opening of the main trail into Manoora last year in an exceptionally wet winter last year severely restricting the number of days spent “on the ground”. We are now attempting to catch up.
Local Mintaro resident Dianne Johnson who assisted with trail building into Mintaro.
Volunteers installing a stile over a fence between Mintaro & Watervale.
Local land owners Tracey & Lachie Sandow have allowed the LFT between Mintaro and Watervale to traverse their family property following the route of the original 1800s wagon trail known locally as the “Gulf Road”. During trail building, they assisted not only in building the trail but left the volunteers with a 4WD Ute to use. When they left for a local sporting commitment their parting comment was, “When you are finished with it, just leave it in the driveway”. This is an example of the commitment and cooperation of the vast majority of local communities and landowners.
Local land owners & volunteers returning to their vehicles after assisting with trail construction.
SARTI Chairman Chris Bushell with local farmers Tracy & Lachie Sandow.
Local land owners Tracey & Lachie Sandow have allowed the LFT between Mintaro and Watervale to traverse their family property following the route of the original 1800's wagon trail known locally as the “Gulf Road”.

During trail building, they assisted not only in building the trail but left the volunteers with a 4WD Ute to use. When they left for a local sporting commitment their parting comment was,
“When you are finished with it, just leave it in the driveway”.

This is an example of the commitment and cooperation of the vast majority of local communities and landowners.

 Often, the original route planned is amended to a better location at the suggestion of locals. SARTI has a policy of keeping all communities fully informed of our plans, getting them involved in trail planning and maintenance, purchasing locally where possible and, at the completion of a section of trail at an opening ceremony, involving local clubs and groups to cater and raise funds.

It should be emphasized that there are still many areas onwards from Manoora where the main trail is unmarked.

In most cases, this is often on private property so walking where you think the trail may be could jeopardize current negotiations with locals. Please respect private property and not give walkers a bad name.

When a section is finalized & marked, we will advise on the web site and in Footsteps newsletters.

When will the trail be finished to Clare?

We anticipate that the official opening of the last section of trail into Clare will be April/May next year.

We are working with local organizations including Friends of the Riesling Trail planning an official opening.

Clare is the final destination of the Lavender Federation Trail and, on the main trail, will be 325 km long. Work is underway planning for the release of the final map, Map 6 Manoora to Clare that will be released early next year when the trail is completed.

SARTI will also be looking at the possibility of links, spur or loop trails we can jointly construct with Friends of the Riesling Trail.
View from Neagles Rock between Watervale & Clare.
Mintaro to Watervale section of the Lavender Federation Trail.

SARTI Annual General Meeting:-

The AGM of South Australian Recreation Trails Incorporated was held at the Watervale Hotel on Thursday 20th July.

Four board vacancies due to the completion of their two year terms ending resulted in the re-election of Graham Hallandal (Fundraising and Publicity), Isobel Barrett (Map/brochure distribution), Julie Mathews (Membership secretary), and Ian Richardson (Trail maintenance).

The position of Secretary remains open. Anyone interested in the position can contact past SARTI secretary Barry Stacey (phone 85322209) who can explain the duties. With the trail nearing completion, many of the previous secretarial jobs are no longer required.

SARTI Awards Life Memberships:-

At the AGM, life memberships were presented to three SARTI Board members who have been involved with SARTI for many years. The recipients were:-

George Adams

For services to the LFT. George has built over 150 stiles & installed most of them. He has been involved in organizing trail maintenance teams and a member of the trail building teams.

Ian Pool

For trail development services. Ian is forward planning manager responsible for the planning of the route of the LFT and associated trails. He negotiates with Government authorities, private landowners and local interest groups, organizes teams to build trails.

Chris Bushell

For leadership of SARTI. Chris took on the job of Chairman when it appeared that the building of the LFT would stop at Tungkillo in 2004 after the loss of several key personnel.  Chris was one of several people (including George Adams & Ian Pool) who assisted in getting the project back on track. Under Chris’ guidance, SARTI has become a strong, well organized volunteer organization.

New Book Records the development of the LFT:-

Barry Stacey, a long term SARTI member, has been developing a historical photo record book of the development of the Lavender Federation Trail. The large format book will contain photos and copies of documents and newspaper cuttings from the inception of the project in 1998/9.

If you believe you may have items of interest about the LFT, contact Barry at

Copies will be available from mid next year at the completion of the LFT. Footsteps will advise when copies of the book can be ordered.

New LFT Brochure Released:-

This free brochure are now available from LFT map stockists. 
The Lavender Federation Trail brochure, the fourth update, covers the trail from Murray Bridge through to Clare and updates and improves information from previous releases. 
(stockists listed on the web site). 

A Revised Sanderston Trail Brochure:-

A revised Sanderston Trail brochure contains several changes to the maps and text, some made as a result of feedback from walkers will also be available FREE from LFT map stockists.
(stockists listed on the web site). 

Bits & Pieces:-

  • Work on Updated Map 1, Murray Bridge to Mt Beevor Underway.
    Work is well advanced in the design and production of a new map 1, Murray Bridge to Mt Beevor.  Many changes to the trail have occurred since this map was released over 10 years ago.

    The new map will expand to incorporate the trails in Kinchina Conservation Park that connect to the main trail through Rocky Gully and the Sanders Trail at the Rocky Gully Wetlands. 

    A downloadable map of the Kinchina Trails is available on the LFT web site.
  • Are you a “Friend of the Lavender Federation Trail”?
    Memberships are available from just $10 PA, a small outlay to assist in maintaining the over 400 km of trails SARTI has under construction and opened since 1999.

    Membership details are on the web site and you can join on line for one year or multiple years.
  • Federal Government Grant supports SARI Volunteers.
    SARTI was a recipient of a recent Commonwealth Government “Strengthening Communities” volunteer grant program.

    The grant has enabled SARTI to purchase first aid kits for the 10 maintenance teams, a GPS to enable more accurate mapping and allocate a fuel & accommodation allowance to the trail building teams.
  • Volunteer Maintenance Team Needed - Preamimma Mines and Fendlers Road, Monarto
    Can you help? Volunteer teams maintain the trail network and we have a section currently without a maintenance team between the Preamimma Mines and Fendlers Road, Monarto.

    SARTI will supply all tools required.

    If you are interested in becoming involved, talk to George Adams.
    he website form - choose 'Trail Maintenance - George Adams' from the drop down menu.
    or email him at for details.
  • Vale Roger Lillicrap
    SARTI is saddened by the death of longtime supporter and Board Member of the Lavender Federation Trail, Roger Lillicrap, who passed away recently. Roger joined the SARTI Board in 2001 as a representative of the Mid Murray Council. After Roger retired from Local Government duties, he remained as a community regional representative. 
    Roger's contacts in the region and development of the Sanderston Trail are a monument to his contribution to SARTI.
    Our thoughts are with wife Jill and family.  
  • WARNING: Dog Owners be vigilant of possible illegal baiting.
    We have been advised by Monarto Zoo that they have received a report of what appears to be dog food alongside the Lavender Federation Trail near Princess Highway and the zoo boundary. Of concern was a dead fox nearby. Many walk their dogs in the area. Please ensure dogs are on a lead and be alert in the event that someone is laying bait.

    We would also appreciate an immediate report if you see what could be bait laid so we can advise the relevant authorities. Use the LFT web site for notifications
  • Walking the Lavender Trail with a Group
    If you are interested in walking the Lavender Federation Trail with others, an internet hiking group, Adelaide Walkers & Joggers would like to hear from you. The group is free to join and walks are free to attend. 
    A link to their web page is at
    Adelaide Walkers & Joggers at Lion Pride Rock, Rocky Gully in Kinchina Conservation Park, Monarto
  • Trail Interruption at Eudunda
    Currently a small part of the LFT Trail from the Eudunda Oval to the Trail head at the Eudunda Gardens is experiencing major road and surrounds works as the Regional Council of Goyder constructs a new 'Heavy Vehicle' entrance to the Viterra Silo complex. Please proceed with caution.
  • Eudunda Caravan Park Opens
    The Eudunda Community, Business and Tourism Committee are proud to announce that Eudunda has finally been able to open thier Caravan Park. Located at Oval Crescent, Eudunda, it shares facilities with the Eudunda Swimming Pool (quite new). The LFT goes right through the edge of the park so it is very convenient for those wanting to base walks over a couple days. Very economical rates, and even Free camping at the rear.
    Phone 0414 703 345 for details and bookings.
    Check the Website at


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