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Walking Group readies at the Opening of Eudunda Section

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Volume 13, Issue 4 - OCTOBER, 2014
Banner photo - Ready to walk the trail - one of the walking groups assemble at the Eudunda Gardens (Colin Thiele Gardens) during the Official Opening of the Truro to Eudunda section of the Lavender Federation Walking Trail.

Dear Footsteps Followers,
We have a new Footsteps Newsletter for you.
Newsletter of the South Australian Recreation Trails Incorporated
and Lavender Federation Trail

In this issue:
  • “Jailbreak Trail” Working Bee.
  • Eudunda Trail Opening.
  • Bits and pieces

“Jailbreak Trail” Working Bee:-

A trail working bee will be held on Saturday 18th October with mountain bikers & walkers working together on the outskirts of Murray Bridge to formally create the “Jailbreak Trail” from the Princess Highway near the SE Freeway off ramp, across the hill face to Maurice Road near the Mobilong Prison. The next section to be constructed will take this trail to the west of the Mobilong Prison down into Rocky Gully to join the Lavender Federation Trail. This is the first chance for walkers and mountain bikers to work together on trail upgrades in the Monarto area. Further working bees will include upgrading some badly eroded sections of the LFT in Rocky Gully and rerouting of the LFT in other sections.
The Working Bee
  • To be held on Saturday the 18th of October
  • 10:00 am start – marshalling point is at the Visitor Information Bay on Adelaide Road, Murray Bridge near the freeway off ramp
  • NRSAMDB will have staff in attendance.
  • Working bee WILL NOT CONTINUE IF – over 35 degrees or a Total Fire Ban Day.
  • Focus will be on the Jailbreak Trail across the top of the Ngarrindjeri Hills.
    • Tree trimming from trail
    • Covering and closing down spur trails and side tracks off of the main trail
    • Erection of the Entrance totems
    • Erection of the trail markers
    • Erection of the Conservation Area keep out signs
    • Bring some tools (secateurs/ trimming saws/hand tools etc.), gloves, appropriate clothing, water & food.

Eudunda Trail Opening:-

The weather forecast may have been alarming with a severe weather warning from the BOM of 80 kph winds gusting to 110 kph but that didn’t daunt the estimated 200 plus who attended Colin Thiele Park at Eudunda on Sunday 28th September for the opening of the latest section of the Lavender Federation Trail.
Walkers leave Nicholson Rd Eudunda at Opening of Trail
Walkers in Eudunda Railway section at Opening of Trail
A group of 27 walkers set off from South of Eudunda to walk 5.4 kilometers to Eudunda's Colin Thiele Gardens. Walking in the reverse direction (South) past the historical Eudunda Railway Station and Water Tower.
Eudunda Trailhead Sign

Presentation to George and Ian
The new Eudunda Trailhead Sign
 on the main street of Eudunda
SARTI Chairman Chris Bushell with George Adams & Ian Poole who were awarded a “Certificate of Appreciation” for the building of the Truro to Eudunda section of trail

In spite of the forecast winds, walks were popular with, in total 88 people took part in the organized walks, three in the morning, suitable for differing fitness levels and a historical town walk in the afternoon. Many took the opportunity to come to Eudunda for the weekend staying at local hotels or at B & B accommodation.

Food stalls, all operated by local community groups,  were kept busy with drinks, cakes, sushi, sandwiches and fruit salad from the Eudunda Street Party group, BBQ from Year 12 students of the Eudunda Area School and baked potatoes from the Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery. In appreciation of the assistance given by property owners along the route of the trail, all were sent invitations to the opening and issued with food vouchers. Also in attendance were mayors, Councillors and a CEO from several local Government areas.  

Local olives and olive oil and lemons were available as well as Native Food products from Footeside Farm who are located on the trail and have overnight accommodation for groups and clubs.

SARTI had a photo display of places of interest along the trail next to the Carto Graphics stand who were selling maps of the Lavender Federation Trail and a selection of books and maps of interest to walkers.

“Eudunda Rocks” group entertained with their music and one of those singing Mike Rogers declared,
"Today I am very happy to play here as I personally walk on parts of the Lavender Trail and enjoy it. Even more so as I had the privilege of knowing Terry Lavender as my canoeing coach and I am happy to see Anne Lavender here today".

At 1.00 pm SARTI Chairman, Chris Bushell opened the proceedings by thanking the Mid Murray and Goyder Councils for their financial assistance that allowed the new 54 kilometre section of trail to be constructed.

Chris commented that much of the current route was at the suggestion of local residents with many local landowners allowing the  trail to traverse their property including some assistance in carrying trail building materials into the more inaccessible locations and assisting in its construction.

Chris then introduced Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP, Member for Stuart who spoke of the local community’s enthusiastic support of the project and the financial assistance of local Government. Dan concluded by officially opening the new section from Truro to Eudunda and his support for extending the trail onwards towards Clare.

Coordinator for the day’s events, Peter Herriman was thankful for all those who attended on such a windy day, including those who worked to setup and make the day a memorable one.
"Most of all I am very happy that SARTI and the trail builders, Ian & George were able to bring the Lavender Federation Trail into Eudunda as this will bring people to the district that would probably never have come to visit. The day’s event showed that the policy of SARTI to take the trail through or near smaller country towns to give an economic benefit to the local community has been proven on the opening weekend alone.

"I would also like to thank Trevor & Julia Mathews and Lina Williams who have put much time and energy into helping get the trail to Eudunda and with organising the Opening. Additionally, thanks to the Light Hotel for the mini-bus to ferry walkers, the stall holders, and those displaying items. There had been many other items to put on display but with the high winds we kept them safe instead. Finally, a big thank you to the SARTI Board who started this big project 15 years ago almost to the day".
Part of the crowd at the Opening of the Truro Eudunda Section
A section of the crowd at the official opening of the Truro to Eudunda section of the
Lavender Federation Trail by
Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP, Member for Stuart


 Bits and Pieces:-

  • If you have walked the Lavender Federation Trail at Monarto, you may have noticed a “T” shape pipe construction near the exit onto Maurice Road at the western end of Rocky Gully near the information sign and been puzzled what it was.

    Inside the horizontal section is an electronic “Tracker’ counter that records the number of people going past. Every month the reading recorded by the counter is read, set to zero and the figures sent to Walking SA and Bushwalking Australia where comparisons with similar devices at various locations along trails can be compared.

    So far this year, a 22% increase over last year has been recorded with peak months during the walking season indicating an average of 175 per week accessing the trail at that location. Current indications are that the 2014 figures will exceed 5400, a 227% increase over 2010.

    SARTI has recently installed a second Tracker on the Sturt Highway to Dutton section of trail.

  • There has been a lot of publicity about the trail in recent weeks with an interview with Ashley Walsh on ABC 891 radio, email from Walking SA to their subscribers and several articles in regional newspapers about the Eudunda trail opening and the NSW ladies walking from Eudunda to Murray Bridge. You can read one of these stories on the link

There are also links to the other items mentioned on the website. generally you can find them by looking at the 'Latest News'.



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