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Hello everyone! As part of our Viking: Great Hall Burning promotion, we wanted to share how we make one of our buildings from start to finish. For this example, Craig has chosen the Half Timbered Church (MED43) which is a Stretch Goal item that will be free for every $100+ pledge if it gets unlocked.
Stage #1
“This first image is of the tools and some of the materials you will need for the project... along with some balsa wood for the basic shape and bass wood for the half-timber sections of the master.”
Stage #2
“I make the basic shape of the church base from balsa wood as it is easy to work with and a cheap material. I glue the sections together with 527 glue and use a framing square to make sure we get a perfect square shape and let it dry. Then you use the bass wood to make the half-timbered beams and also glue those on with 527 glue and let them cure. I use bass wood for the timbers as it is a denser material than balsa and lasts better through the mould making process.”
Stage #3
“It’s now time to mix equal parts of A and B of the Apoxy Sculpt which we will use to represent daubing between the half-timbered areas of the model.”
Stage #4
“Once you have completed the daub between the half-timbered areas... it’s time to put the base on the model and to add some scattered stone area at the entrance and also add some vertical bass wood timbers on the inside of the walls to give it some additional detail... do not put any horizontal beams on the inside as it makes for greater wear and tear on the production moulds during the casting process. This completes the basic base section of the model... next will be the roof.”
Stage #5
“Now it’s time to make the roof section for the Church. First I created a blank shape from balsa wood and then I lined the inside of the roof with bass wood beams.”
Stage #6
“I have mixed up some Apoxy Sculpt and created a thatch pattern between the bass wood beams.”
Stage #7
“First I attached some bass wood beams in the peak areas of both ends of the roof section. Then I mixed more Apoxy Sculpt and filled in the areas between the half timbering to represent daub... then it’s time to make the cross from bass wood. The next stage takes several days to make the thatch covering for the roof again from Apoxy Sculpt.”
Stage #8
“Now that I have finished the thatch for the roof the model is complete and it’s now time to begin the moulding process for the base of the model.”
To be continued...
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