Here is one of your stories:

"Thank you so much for Alex's gown. Being able to wear clothes is such a big step in NICU world but finding something that fits that can still run those wires and tubes is so difficult. I can never explain how precious this is to us. Forever thank you." - The Butler Family

Fighting for them, but without them...

   This spring we will be hosting our fourth memorial lantern release for children that gowns have been made for who have passed away. Each year the number of lanterns we release continues to grow.
   It is a devastating testament to the lack of funding for all childhood illnesses for better treatments, cures, and prevention of these diagnoses. We still continue to push forward and support organizations that provide direct services to families in need.
   We believe in research, and all the capabilities that can come from funding it, however, direct services is where the heart of our organization lies. Our virtual runs do support organizations that have a research component to them, in addition to direct services, and they are able to allocate the funds received to whichever area has the most need. 
   Once again this year, we are requesting that if your child has passed away, or you know a child that we have made a gown for that has passed away and they are not already on our angel page, to please e-mail me directly so ( they can be included in this year's lantern release.
   We are also asking families to choose a lantern color for the release as well. The following colors are available: red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, white, and pink. The names this year will be printed on clear labels and then placed on the lanterns in hope we can capture clearer photos with the names more visible. 
   Any photos with names will be available for printing. Details to comes later on this part. 

Quilt Raffle Winner!!

Belinda Stewart's ticket was drawn as the winner of our 2017 Quilt of the Year!! The puzzle piece quilt will take some time to complete, but it will be amazing once it is done. This photo is the design being used for 2018's Quilt of the Year. It will be drawn 01/15/2019 on Facebook Live! 

Last of our Medals!

   Here is the last of our Run for Fox Sake Medals - you can register today for a super discounted cost, support gown requests and The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation, and allow us to open up a new virtual run for 2018!
   You choose the distance, the time, the place, and how you want to complete it - we had walkers, bikers, swimmers, strollers, runners, and I think even a skipper, and tap dancer! 

Upcoming events

Our next event coming up is our Abbie's Nail Salon and Spa day with ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation! We are looking for volunteers and donors for the event. If you participated last year, you're more than welcome to come back and help! 

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