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"Get Back Up Again"

Yep, that is a "Trolls" movie reference and song...this month has been chaotic since surgery, and it seems I am always running to an appointment, or if nothing else just behind in my personal schedule on what I feel should be done already. It's been a slow recovery, with several hiccups including a 3-day ICU stay afterwards, and 2 ER visits since being home. Despite all of that, I am determined to keep getting back up and taking care of at least one thing on my crazy list that I can personally do. 

What does this mean for gown requests? It means that they are going to be slower than our average turn around time, as some may have already guessed. It also means I need some volunteers to come to the home office and help cut gowns, and others to help sew gowns so we can keep a little stash of gowns available at all times. This "stock" of gowns so to speak has been why we can expeditiously make and ship gowns almost weekly, sometimes with next-day turn around. We have lots of fabric coming in that needs to be sorted, into what we can/can't use, sort into gown sizes, and then working on them. 

I'm unable to drive for at least another 3+ weeks, and it is undetermined if I will still be in this TSLO brace come my next appointment, if so, that means an even longer time of no driving. So, if you don't mind hanging out with me in basically my pajamas (because nothing else fits right now)...send an e-mail/Facebook message/phone call to arrange a time to lend a hand. I'm home most days and the company would be great as well. 

Over the weekend, I will be attempting to embroider names on the gowns that I do have hopes this is something I can actually do. I will also need a volunteer or two that can come here to place snaps in gowns that need them as well. Lots of not sewing related things can be done...heck, I won't complain if you wanted to tidy up the kitchen or fold some laundry while here (just kidding...sort of, haha). 

As stated before my surgery, which was successful overall (forgot to add that above), I do appreciate everyone's support, love, kind words, and patience through this procedure. It is by far one of the things that gets me through each day. 
Ciara Carrero was drawn as our 2018 Quilt of the Year Winner! We raised just over $700 in ticket sales for our quilt. Thank you to everyone who shared and purchased a ticket, this money collected throughout the year directly supports gown requests and has at many times been the only reason we could ship a gown,
Don't forget you can help support Gracie's Gowns through our "Shop with Us" section on the website. We have some swag items, in addition to PICC Line Covers and Reusable Face Masks that are available for purchase. These items can be sent with any pending gown request as well to eliminate any addition shipping charges. We hope to add more items in the future, like beanies!
I know it's only February, but our Fall Raffle is already gearing up, we have over $900 in prizes already to give away and that is with only half the month covered! Make sure to purchase your tickets before the raffle starts to have a chance at all 31+ prizes we give away each year...this year is shaping up to be extra awesome!
Just a little about us...see that man in the kilt and the lady in green?? That is my husband and I waltzing in our daughters' dance studio production of The Nutcracker. In December, we participated in the performance for the third year in a row.
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