Remembering our Children

A couple weeks ago we held our 6th annual memorial lantern release. 133 lanterns were released in total at Lake Land'Or thanks to the generosity of their Board of Directors allowing us to use their subdivision's lake. You can view all of the photos on our Facebook page. Dew Photography VA took some amazing photos and CRB, Grafix even caught a beautiful video from after all of the lanterns were released.

Stock the Shelves 2020
for this holiday season, we are hoping to stock our shelves with items for children of all ages (that phrase always reminds me of the circus) that we can send with gown requests. We have created an Amazon WishList that we hope you'll pick up and item or two from. Of course you're welcome to pick up 
an item or two from wherever you'd like or even different items than are on our list. Each year we mail out approximately 500-600 gown requests, and sending a little something extra a huge bonus. Some items on our list will be sent with Hem/Onc or NICU Surprise boxes as well!

October Gown Sponsorship Requests

are now open, we have a few more spots open this month than we usually offer as November and December we will more than likely have fewer spots open with the holiday season. We hope to not only fill each of these spots, but have them sponsored super quickly!

We're looking for shirts...

between now and the early spring, we are collecting shirts to make two quilts for raffles. The first would be raffled off on Facebook and the second we would be raffling off at Crawlin'4 Gracie's Gowns 2020 which will be hosted at Dockside Restaurant & Tiki Bar next summer.

Fall Raffle Tickets

are available for purchase now through November 25, 2019. We have over $900 in prizes already to give away and are still in need of (14) days of prizes too. This is going to be a record breaking year in prize value! Tickets are $5/each and can be purchased through our website. Drawing begins November 1st!

Animal and Dolls Capes

We have a few animal and doll capes that were made by two amazing volunteers and while I wish I could keep them all myself, I want them to enjoy being in your homes even more! If you're interested in a cape, please email me with whether you'd like a print for a boy/girl and some fabric suggestions. We do have some folks ready to cover the shipping costs for those interested too!

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