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In this newsletter:
  • Firewoman Retreat goes virtual! May 14-17, 2020
  • Chosen Family Law Center: #GivingTuesdayNow - TODAY! 
  • Andy’s Our Family Coalition Virtual Presentation on Protecting parentage and familial relationships during COVID-19 - May 6, 2020
  • Omega Courageous Conversations Cancellation
Firewoman Retreat goes virtual! May 14-17, 2020

May 14-17, 2020

 Fire Woman Virtual Retreat 

Diana is teaching Courageous Conversations - Communication for Relationships at this sexual empowerment retreat for women & nonbinary people hosted by Amy Jo Goddard. 

This is a powerful opportunity to go inward for self-care and reflection in a wonderful community of women. Diana will draw on her extensive work as a family mediator to talk about how to support relationships under strain during these hard times. Pricing is on a sliding scale. We hope you’ll join us and spread the word.

Chosen Family Law Center: #GivingTuesdayNow
TODAY! May 5, 2020

This #GivingTuesdayNow, please consider supporting the non-profit legal services organization we at Diana Adams Law & Mediation launched last year as a sister organization, to better assist our low-income clients, Chosen Family Law Center

From the Chosen Family Law Center: 

#GivingTuesdayNow is a global day of giving and unity that will take place on May 5, 2020 as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19. Even if you aren’t able to donate funds, please take a moment to share the Facebook event on your page - this helps us tremendously!

We are providing life-saving support to low-income LGBTQIA residents of New York, an incredibly marginalized group, including:

  • LGBTQIA Asylees, who have been granted asylum status due to persecution & violence in their home countries & need our support to secure their final immigration status.

  • Transgender, Gender-nonconforming, & Nonbinary clients with the Trans Umbrella Project, to secure consistent identity documents & legal name changes to reduce rampant discrimination in housing & employment, as those issues are especially dire given the pandemic.

  • Same-sex & LGBTQIA parents, who need their legal connection to their children secured now more than ever.

  • Life planning documents for low-income LGBTQIA New Yorkers, to make sure medical decision-making in a time of health crisis is made by their person of choice.

  • Chosen families including platonic co-parents and caretaking partnerships with a disabled or elderly person.

COVID-19 is making it hard for many of these families to stay together, as the government doesn't recognize them as kin, and they are facing legal hurdles to stay safe and together, especially if someone gets ill. 

We hope you can donate in the name of Mother's Day to support our work to keep chosen families together, for all the Queer Moms who take in younger queers, for all the chosen moms, and for all the Moms who love and raise children who aren't their biological kids. Since you can’t go to brunch, perhaps you can donate $50 to pay it forward.

Like many small LGBTQIA nonprofits, we’re struggling financially. Pride month isn’t just a time of celebration, it’s the center of our fundraising. We’ve lost approximately $100,000 in canceled events due COVID-19, much of our budget, even as our clients are in especially dire need. 

We need your help to provide our life-sustaining support for these families. Click to donate through Facebook, or visit our website donation page to donate directly to us, or through Benevity (which many corporations such as Google use for employee giving and matching) for #GivingTuesdayNow.  

Whether or not you are able to donate, please share this post on Facebook to spread the word!

Thanks for being part of our larger community of family and helping us to keep going during this time.


To follow along and see what we’re doing over there, we have a separate quarterly newsletter for CFLC updates. Please sign up for the CFLC newsletter HERE and follow up on social media (FB, twitter) to hear about our work.

Andy’s Our Family Coalition Virtual Presentation on Protecting parentage and familial relationships during COVID-19 - May 6, 2020

This Wednesday, on May 6th, our Senior Associate Attorney Andy Izenson will join the Our Family Coalition to present a one-hour talk on Protecting parentage and familial relationships during COVID-19:

In this one-hour informational session Andy Izenson, an attorney, mediator, and restorative justice practitioner, brings a varied skillset to engage with family, community, and organizational conflict amidst the COVID-19 health crisis.

Andy will offer emotional guidance to support LGBTQ+ families navigate parentage and familial relationships experiencing stressors from both internal and external sources during this health pandemic. Learn tips and coping strategies to co-parent with an ex-partner, best practices for children visiting different households under stay-at-home orders, and how to protect your parentage while courts are closed or heavily delayed.  

For some great background on the issues, see this article by Andy, published in Medium last month: Ten Things to Know About Co-Parenting During COVID-19.


Click here to register for this free event happening TOMORROW, MAY 6!

Omega Courageous Conversations Cancellation
Lastly, we are sad to announce that Diana’s Courageous Conversations weekend at Omega Institute, scheduled for this August in upstate New York, has been cancelled due to COVID-19.  This would have been the third year for this weekend-long workshop, and Diana looks forward to resuming the tradition next year, with virtual options instead for 2020 such as the Fire Woman Virtual Retreat.

Wishing you and your family,

        in whatever shape it may take,

               joy, solidarity, and resistance,

                    from the team at Diana Adams Law & Mediation, PLLC,

                            Diana, Bill, Andy, and Amy
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