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May 2019 Newsletter

Our Of Counsel Attorney, Bill Singer, will be honored at next month’s National Lawyers Guild NYC Chapter Spring Fling fundraiser for contributions to the LGBTQ community!

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Greetings, and happy almost-pride month! Thank you for subscribing to the newsletter for Diana Adams Law & Mediation, PLLC. This monthly newsletter keeps you informed about the legal and activism work we are doing to support LGBTQI, polyamorous, chosen families, and families of all kinds!

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  • National Lawyers Guild NYC Chapter to Honor Bill Singer!
  • Courageous Conversations with Diana Returns to Omega Institute in June
  • Last Chance to Book Us for Pride Month!
  • The Chosen Family Law Center Is Hiring!
  • Andy and Diana’s Most Recent Articles
  • Where in the World Is Our Team?
National Lawyers Guild NYC Chapter to Honor Bill Singer!

Next month, the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) New York City Chapter, led by our own Associate Attorney Andy Izenson as President, will honor our own Of Counsel Bill Singer at their annual Spring Fling event!

On Friday, June 14, 2019 the NYC Chapter of the NLG celebrate their 82nd year of progressive work, as well as mark the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion and the Guild’s support for the LGBTQ rights movement, with honorees Bill Dobbs, Moira Meltzer-Cohen, Bill Singer and law student Alex Petkanas.

Diana credits Bill as the pioneering founder of the international field of LGBTQ family law that we practice today. We are all so proud and humbled to have Bill work with us at both Diana Adams Law & Mediation and our new nonprofit Chosen Family Law Center, and know he deserves this honor for his nearly half-century of work dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ+ community in New York, New Jersey, and worldwide! Andy is delighted to have the opportunity to present this award to Bill and speak about the immeasurable contribution he has made. Expect tears & pride inspiration!

The event will be held at the historic Angel Orensanz Foundation on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Join us to mark the anniversary and toast Bill and the other honorees while supporting the New York City Chapter’s ongoing commitment to people’s law. Sponsorships, Tickets, and Ads can be purchased through

Courageous Conversations with Diana Adams
Returns to Omega Institute this June

Diana is delighted and honored to be returning to teaching another full weekend intensive at Omega this June!

Courageous Conversations for Women:
Empowered Communication to Transform your Life
June 7-9, 2019

Do you avoid conversations that involve critical feedback, disagreement, or saying no? Do you ask for less than what you really want? Are you looking for a way to deepen your relationships?

For more information and to register, visit the Omega workshop registration page.

The facebook event for sharing is HERE!

For more information about Diana’s empowerment teaching, check out the website!

Last Chance to Book Us for Pride Month!

In addition to being attorneys and mediators, Diana, Bill, and Andy are also public speakers and are available for Pride Month legal talks and CLEs for June 2019 and beyond. They are all thought leaders on LGBTQ issues, and popular keynote speakers available to give talks on current legal LGBTQ issues, including same-sex marriage and transgender issues, the Supreme Court and the fate of LGBTQ Americans, and opportunities for corporate leadership with LGBTQ employees.

Any of our three attorneys would be happy to speak to your organization, institution, law firm or business about LGBTQ legal issues affecting our communities during Pride Month events and celebrations this year, and can tailor a talk to your audience and interests. For attorneys, their talks generally qualify for Continuing Legal Education credit including the Diversity, Inclusion, and Elimination of Bias CLE credit required of all NY attorneys as of January 2018.

Please contact us at if you would like to invite one of them to speak to your institution or organization about LGBTQ family law issues during your Pride Month 2019 celebrations, or to plan ahead for a future event.

The Chosen Family Law Center Is Hiring!

Our new nonprofit, Chosen Family Law Center, Inc., will support LGBTQ+ families, polyamorous families, and other chosen and underserved families with legal support, public education, and professional training for lawyers, mental health professionals and others to make sure these communities have access to culturally competent services they deserve.

We are currently looking to hire a graphic designer and nonprofit accountant.  

To apply, please visit our website for more information, and please spread the word!

Andy and Diana’s Most Recent Articles on

Last week, Andy gave a talk at Brooklyn’s House of Yes for their YES Talks series as a representative of our new nonprofit, the Chosen Family Law Center:  

“Re-Imagining the Story of Your Family”

“We get taught that this one story of family is the right story, that it’s the traditional way to live, that it’s generalizable to all of humanity, and that it’s the way that is and has always been sanctioned both by church and state. We spend our lives soaking in the idea that the two categories of family are “like this” and “wrong.” And none of those things are true. The model of the nuclear family that’s centered around this heterosexual, monogamous, married dyad that’s rearing children that are biologically related to both of them, this hegemonically propagated norm, is only about a hundred years old. It describes fewer than half of American families, and a lot less than that worldwide. It’s a story created by systems of white supremacy, misogyny, and capitalism, that’s been propagated throughout the world and imposed on the diversity of family diversity by imperialism and violence. This story positions itself as deriving its authority from tradition. It’s a pervasive and powerful story, but it’s a new story, a story constructed and spread intentionally and with good reason. And it’s a story we don’t have to believe.”

Full text:

Check out Diana’s most recent articles on about communication:

#METOO: A Communication Revolution

“In tandem to pushing for social and political change, we each have the power to fuel social change through our own behavior. #MeToo is an opportunity for us to learn how to better communicate about sex and consent as individuals and as a society. We can all learn to better advocate for our needs and desires, understand boundaries, and create a culture that will hear each of us. We can manifest for ourselves a microcosm of the larger social change we hope to build.”

Full text:


“LIKE A BOSS: 5 Ways to Unlearn Female Politeness
and Fast-Track Your Career”

“Like many women, I grew up learning to make other people happy, to avoid complaining or seeming emotional or needy. I was praised for the skills that would make me a good wife and mom — self-sacrificing and easy-going. I wasn’t taught how to deal with money or take charge. This article shares are some of the core principles I share when I mentor and train other women.”

Full text:

Where In the World Is Our Team?

Diana's Schedule:
Diana travels between New York City and Frankfurt, Germany, managing our European and NY offices, and is available to clients in both regions, with frequent touring of the U.S. and Europe in between. Diana welcomes opportunities to meet with clients and do speaking appearances along her travels. When not stated below, Diana is in Frankfurt, Germany seeing clients in that region in person and clients around the world via videoconference. If you’d like to schedule a meeting with Diana please contact us.

  • May 30-June 10: NYC - now booking for speaking at Pride month events - book us!
  • June 7-9: Teaching Courageous Conversations for Women at Omega Women’s Leadership Center in Rhinebeck, NY - REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!
  • June 20-23: Avallon, France for Kinnernet Imagination Festival
  • July 17-24: Portugal
  • July 28-29: Denver, Colorado
  • August 7-9: Philadelphia, presenting at the 2019 Lavender Law Conference
  • August 10-19: NYC
  • August 29-September 1: Belgium
  • October 11-15: Virginia
  • October 16-21: Albany & Lake George, NY
  • October 22-28: NYC

Andy’s Schedule:
Andy Izenson is in our office in New York City and unless otherwise noted below, he is available to clients there.

Bill’s Schedule:
Bill Singer is based in his New Jersey office unless otherwise noted below, and available to clients there and in NYC.

Wishing you and your family,
        in whatever shape it may take,
               joy, solidarity, and resistance,
                    from the team at Diana Adams Law & Mediation, PLLC,
                            Diana, Bill, Andy, and Amy
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