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This conference newsletter will keep you updated on new and relevant developments regarding LxAddictions 2019 (23-25 October 2019).

Draft programme outline is now available

The draft programme outline of LxAddictions19 ‘Future of addictions: new frontiers for policy, practice and science’ is now available online. Three plenaries open each conference day:

  • ‘New frontiers for addiction science’, day one, with keynote speaker Marilyn Huestis.
  • ‘Learning from the past to meet the challenges of the future’, day two, with Karl Lund and Johanna Gripenberg.
  • ‘Horizons in addiction science’, day three, with Olivier George and Sharon Walsh.

LxAddictions19 will be packed with cutting-edge research and high-level content organised in structured sessions, oral presentation sessions, workshops, short communications sessions and guided poster tours.

The main stage of the conference will cover major sessions organised by our six co-producers. They have developed a rich and diverse programme around selected topics, built around packages of topical strands, sessions and guided poster tours. Learn more about our co-producers.

LxAddictions ends each day with a big debate moderated by Florence Ranson. Confirmed panel members are Laura d’Arrigo, Jennifer Price, Kevin Sabet, Wayne Hall, Henrietta Bowden-Jones, Axel Klein, Niamh Fitzgerald, Patrick Picavet and Mariann Skar.

The topics under debate will be:

  • Will changes in cannabis policy result in greater costs or greater benefits?
  • Industry friend of foe? Can industry contribute to better addiction science, policy, and actions?
  • Is there sufficient participation of civil society and effected communities in shaping drug policies and drug services?

LxAddictions19 will close with Sir John Strang discussing 'Preventing deaths from heroin overdose: better science, fuller understanding, greater impact' and Angela Morelli on the topic of 'Future perspectives on designing information for impact and decision-making'.

Check out the draft programme outline and stay tuned for more exciting news.

Update on keynote speakers
Laura d’Arrigo is Diplomatic Advisor at the French Interministerial Mission for Combating Drugs and Addictive Behaviours. Between 2010 and 2014, she chaired the Permanent Correspondents of the Pompidou Group of the Council of Europe. She is the Chair of the EMCDDA’s Management Board since December 2015.
Niamh Fitzgerald is Associate Professor in Alcohol Studies at the Institute for Social Marketing, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK. She is the President of ICARA — the International Confederation of ATOD (Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug) Research Associations ( ICARA works to support research associations with governance and capacity-building, particularly in low and middle income countries.
Wayne Hall is Professorial Research Fellow at the Centre for Youth Substance Abuse, Australia. He has improved our understanding of the adverse health effects of cannabis, public policy responses to opioid dependence, understanding of illicit drug epidemiology, and the epidemiology of mental disorders in Australia. Over the past several decades Wayne has worked in the fields of addiction, mental health and public health, addressing socially important and intellectually challenging scientific and policy questions that lie at the intersection between human biology and history.
Axel Klein is a social anthropologist specialising in cultures of consumption, distribution, politics and control of psychoactive substances. Over the last two years he has been working, inter alia, on self-help on medical cannabis cultivators in the UK and the distribution and use of tramadol as an analgesic, performance enhancer and recreational substance in West Africa. He is an advocate of fundamental reform of the way in which psychoactive substances are regulated and for a deconstruction of the term ‘drug’.
Jennifer Price is the Director of State Compliance, and one of the founding officers of Golden State GR. With over 10 years of private practice as a chiropractor in Scotland and California under her belt, she has also worked in research, managing a clinical trial and publishing multiple papers in peer-reviewed research journals. She applies her research, writing, and communication skills to influencing the regulatory landscape of California’s age-restricted markets and bringing businesses into compliance with state requirements for operation.
Florence Ranson, independent communications adviser and event moderator, will moderate the three big debates scheduled at the end of each conference day. She is the founder of REDComms, based in Brussels.
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Side events

ISAJE workshops: ‘How to maximise your chances of publishing your research’

In one workshop, two experienced editors will go through the process of writing a successful paper, including how to avoid the pitfalls and enhance your chances of getting published. ISAJE will also introduce the book ‘Publishing Addiction Science’ by ISAJE editors. During another session, younger researchers will be offered the possibility to test out ideas and question editors on their projects.

The international symposium on drug checking (22 October)

Data from drug checking services can provide valuable information on drug market dynamics at user level. However, drug checking as an intervention in recreational settings remains a topic of much debate in the media, among policy makers and researchers worldwide. Register now for free!

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