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On June 1, our landlord increased our rent by 70%.

Seventy percent! We are lucky we can sustain that at all, but to be honest, it hurts our business big time. On top of rent increases, we've recently had three wholesale gift companies raise their prices due to commodity increases and tariffs, forcing us to raise prices as well. And on top of THAT, the book distributor Baker and Taylor is closing its retail division, leaving us only one option from which to order books quickly (Ingram).

We have the good fortune of having had almost six years to grow our business and can support this rent increase for a short period of time. We predicted this possibility when we opened, so our goal has always been to purchase our own space, a dream that is coming to fruition in 2020, where we will have much more control over our future by increasing our offerings with more square footage and a cafe.

But for now, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

How can you help??

1) Buy your books from us! We have a stellar collection of new and used books. Visit our flagship store at 964 Pearl Street, or our shop inside the Oxbow Public Market. We can special order books lightning fast, and our super smart and helpful staff is incredibly devoted to finding everything you need. Buy books as gifts - there's something for everyone! Buy more books for yourself and take time to read them - you'll be happier for it!
1a) Don't have time to stop and shop? Sign up for Parcel of Pages, our subscription book service! You fill out the form, we pick out the books - it's as easy as that! 
2) Educate yourself and your friends about the negative impact of shopping on Amazon. Also, Amazon is the invisible backbone behind ICE's immigration crackdown.
3) Nominate a bookseller for a holiday bonus from James Patterson! It's so easy to do and most of you know our staff by name!
4) Shop with us online - we do FREE local delivery for City of Napa addresses.
5) Attend a free event! We curate an events calendar based on what our community is interested in and nearly ALL of our events are FREE!  
6) Buy tickets for a ticketed event! If we are ticketing an event, it is because we LOVE the book and author. Coming up is a debut author that leaves us in tears from laughter, and it is so dang original and smart. COME! 

Wait....why do you want to help us again?
1) We are your third place.
2) We donate gift cards to your schools and causes.
3) We care about our employees, all of whom are your neighbors, and treat them like humans. 
4) We diversify Napa's economy.
5) Our book recs!
6) Our incredible selection!
7) Small businesses make our downtown interesting and fun.
Time after time we hear how much you love Napa Bookmine and how glad you are that we're here. We love our customers and this community more than we can possibly say. Help keep us thriving for the next year so we can jump into our future location at Register Square in 2020! 

Naomi and Eric


Setting the Wire & The Buddha Sat Right Here
Friday, July 19th @ 6:00
Pearl St.


Please join us for an event with authors Sarah Townsend and Dena Moes in conversation with local Angelisa Russo!

Setting the Wire: A Memoir of Postpartum Psychosis, weaves together personal anecdote, film, music, visual art, and psychology to explore the author’s experience with postpartum psychosis. Replete with journal entries from both daughters as well as selected pictures, The Buddha Sat Right Here is an unforgettable odyssey, a moving meditation on modern family life, and a spiritual quest, written with gusto, humor, honesty—and filled with love and awe.
Guesthouse for Ganesha // Judith Teitelman
Saturday, July 20th @ 4:00
Pearl St.

In 1923, seventeen-year-old “Esther Grünspan arrives in Köln with a hardened heart as her sole luggage.” Thus, she begins a twenty-two-year journey, woven against the backdrops of the European Holocaust and the Hindu Kali Yuga (the “Age of Darkness” when human civilization degenerates spiritually), in search of a place of sanctuary. Throughout her travails, using cunning and shrewdness, Esther relies on her masterful tailoring skills to help mask her Jewish heritage, navigate war-torn Europe, and emigrate to India.

Ashes in a Coconut & The Man Without a Party
Sunday, July 21st @ 3:00
Pearl St.

Bo Kearns, journalist and writer of fiction, is the author of Ashes in a Coconut, a novel set in Indonesia, where he lived for three years. He currently lives in Sonoma County. Richard Tres is a retired high school and college teacher; he lives in Napa. Carl von Ossietzky won the Nobel Peace Prize for 1935. But Hitler still would not let his captive go. The Man Without a Party is Carl von Ossietzky’s story.

Music & Movement with Aubrey & Taylor
Mondays, July 22nd & 29th @ 11:00-11:30
Pearl St.

Join us for family friendly music time and get those wiggles out! Open to families with babies and toddlers!

Napa Valley Writers Open Mic
Sunday, August 4th @ 3:00-5:00
Pearl St.

All writers are invited to this quarterly open mic. Each will have 5 minutes to read.

Forrest Gander // Be With
Monday, August 5th @ 7:00
Napa Library, 580 Coombs St.

Forrest Gander has been called one of our most formally restless poets, and these new poems express a characteristically tensile energy and, as one critic noted, “the most eclectic diction since Hart Crane.” His 2011 collection Core Samples from the World was an NBCC and Pulitzer Prize finalist for poetry, and his 2018 collection Be With won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry and was longlisted for the National Book Award. Forrest will read then be interviewed by Napa Poet Laureate Jeremy Benson!

Robert Shafer // Mickey: The Giveaway Boy
Saturday, August 10th @ 5:00
Pearl St.

By age 25, Mickey’s mother had born five sons. By 30, she’d gotten rid of them all. For nine-year-old Mickey, the early fifties were not the Ozzie and Harriet fantasy of love and security. Instead, they were years of abandonment, unimaginable cruelty, and virtual slavery. This memoir reveals Mickey’s devastating experiences of being handed off from one abusive person to another…all in the name of survival. He currently resides and writes prose and poetry in Napa, California and often recites at local Open Mics.


  • NB + KVON: Tune your radio to 1440AM each Friday at 8:10 AM to hear Elayna and Barry chat about new releases, staff recommendations, and great gifts!
  • Book Club: Thursday, July 18th @ 6:30 Einstein's Dreams
  • Poetry Book Club: Tuesday, August 6th @ 6:30 The Odyssey Part 3
  • Game Night: Wednesday, August 7th @ 6:00
Napa Bookmine, and Elayna especially, is beyond thrilled to welcome debut author Kira Jane Buxton to Cru @ the Annex on August 17th to celebrate her novel HOLLOW KINGDOM with a glass of wine!

If you loved Richard Powers' The Overstory, Hollow Kingdom presents another opportunity to delve into the vast and mysterious natural world. Told from the perspective of a perspicacious, salty crow, Hollow Kingdom weaves an enthralling net over and through all members of the animal and plant kingdoms. This debut novel's tone is often hilarious and profane, but is suffused throughout with a deep respect for Mother Nature. Seen through S.T.'s eyes, our planet's true marvels are opened to us mere humans, and an important new voice in literature is born. Kira Jane Buxton has managed what few new novelists are capable of: creating a highly original, deeply beautiful, and uproariously funny book that will become an instant classic.

Hollow Kingdom is the incredible tale of one scrappy little crow who comes beak-to-beak with a brave new world. S.T. lives happily with his human Big Jim and an embarrassingly dimwitted bloodhound, Dennis. S.T. loves Cheetos and the History Channel, and his MoFo (human) Big Jim. But something's happened to Big Jim; he's lethargic and antisocial, plus there's that whole episode where his eyeball fell out... S.T.'s attempts to snap Big Jim out of it fail, and the duo are forced to lock him up in the house they once shared and seek answers in the wider world.

Much to their dismay, the streets of Seattle are not the busy thoroughfares they used to be, but are instead a violent domain of crashed cars and buses. MoFos are few and far between, but the ones S.T. and Dennis do find are no longer what they used to be. And the natural world is taking over with a vengeance. Though S.T. has rarely deigned to converse with his fellow animals, he's now forced to tap into their network to try and figure out what's going on. S.T. is no ordinary crow, and his journey for answers and redemption is an astonishing one.

Hollow Kingdom is uproariously funny; S.T. is a master of sarcasm and impeccably crafted insults. But more importantly, there is an effulgent love of nature laced throughout the narrative. Trees, grass, and earthworms all play their part in Mother Nature's grand scheme, the biggest animals no greater than the smaller ones, and a return to pure nature levels all playing fields. As S.T. gets back in touch with his corvid roots, albeit reluctantly, we see how humans, though disruptive, are a part of all this too. Hollow Kingdom, as well as being a roaring good read, is a call to action, even if that action is just listening to the world around us a little bit more deeply.

Your $40 ticket gets you a copy of the book at a discount, a glass of wine at Cru @ the Annex, and the opportunity to hear Kira read from her amazing novel and get your book signed! Additional wine and books will be available for purchase.
Can't make it to the event? PRE-ORDER YOUR SIGNED COPY HERE!

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