Household Contents Insurance:
Insurers will generally agree to provide cover where you comply with the underwriting criteria related to security.  This is not the case during the Christmas holiday period where they become very selective.  If you are considering applying for this cover then please contact our office urgently and we will assist wherever possible.
Something else to consider during the Christmas break:
Have you ever considered renting out your home during the holiday season?  This sounds like a great way to earn a little extra for all of those costly stocking fillers.
Have you considered the insurance implications of doing just this?
Have you considered your own implications as the Property Owner?
Apart from the obvious financial risk faced by Homeowners if property is damaged or stolen, there is the more serious question of legal liability which could bankrupt you in the event of a guest being killed or injured while staying on your property.  Did you secure your property adequately? Is your home properly maintained? Is your home “child friendly”? Will guests take note of your Burglar Alarm Warranty? The list goes on……..
Before homeowners consider renting out their property for Christmas, we urge you to inform our office so that we may advise your Insurers accordingly.  Not all policies cater for the rental of properties and there may be exclusions to your standard cover that need to be examined and considered.  Please call your Broker Consultant to discuss this further.
  • You can use your Smartphone or GPS to load the locations of nearby covered parking garages in case you need to locate one urgently in the event of a hail storm
  • Keep your gutters clear of leaves and twigs to allow the hail stones to quickly drop into the drain and thereby avoiding damages to your roof
  • Keep blinds and curtains closed during a hail storm to prevent any broken glass entering your home or office and injuring anyone
  • If you are on the road and a hail storm starts, remember that speeding to an undercover location will only increase your chances of having a nasty accident – safety first at all times
We all know that fraud is a reality and is on the increase.
In our Industry of Insurance, it is estimated that at least 10% of all claims lodged with Insurers have a fraudulent element to them, costing the Industry around R7 billion a year.  This is R7 billion that innocent consumers have to bear in one way or another.
The act of insurance fraud comes in many guises…..
  • Inflating of a legitimate incident
  • Staging an incident
  • Totally faked incidents – those incidents that simply never occur
  • Assisting anyone with falsified records or accounts of the incident
 This all causes premiums to rise and results in Insurers having inaccurate statistics in order to implement correct and fair rates.
Let us all fight fraud together so that we are able to pay reasonable premiums for the items we most need to.
Report fraud anonymously – 0860-002-526