Can you imagine leaving a Shopping Centre only to find that your vehicle is no longer in the parking bay where you left it twenty minutes earlier?  We know this is something everyone dreads and hopefully, the following information will assist you in avoiding an incident of this nature.

It is widely assumed that because a vehicle may be an older model, the risk of theft or hijacking is reduced – this is certainly not the case as statistics prove.  Syndicates target all vehicles from the Executive type vehicle down to the weekend Beach Buggy and everything in-between.
Knowing that you have insured your vehicle for theft will often still leave you with expenses that have not been planned for or possibly taken into consideration.  These additional costs would include the payment of any excess or deductible, credit shortfall on a financed vehicle, insurance premium increases due to the loss of a No Claims Bonus and most commonly, the cost to replace items that may have been in the vehicle and are not specified or otherwise covered such as prams, car seats, laptops, gym bags, sunglasses….the list is endless.

We know that theft syndicates are able to steal and change the appearance of a vehicle in mere minutes and this is where a tracking device from a reputable service provider is the most beneficial.  Recovery times are impressive in most instances and often it is not only the vehicle that needs to be recovered; in the instance of hijacking it is more important to locate the victims.  Most Insurers will offer a premium reduction for vehicles fitted with tracking devices.

It is important for you to keep all emergency cell phone numbers logged into your phones.  Tracking Company, Policy Emergency, Insurance Broker – this is not a time for you to be wondering who to call. It is also advisable to keep any specific Towing number if this is required by your policy conditions in order to avoid having the towing costs limited.

Choose your parking area if at all possible.  Well lit and busy areas are preferable to the dark and isolated spots and it would always be advantageous to park in a securely guarded area as opposed to street parking.
Make sure that the vehicle Licence and Registration documents are not kept inside your vehicle – this makes everything so much easier for the car thief.  Ensure that items such as GPS devices are stored out of sight.

As our final piece of advice to you all – be aware of remote jamming.  Do not simply press the lock button and walk away from your vehicle – ensure that the vehicle is in fact, securely locked. Above all, keep yourself and your family safe.
Any Foreign driver is required to have a Workers Permit allowing him to work or study in RSA in addition to a Zimbabwe Drivers Licence and Zimbabwe Defensive Driving Permit or an International Driving Permit and Zimbabwe Defensive Driving Permit.

Should you have any concerns or require any clarity on the topics above, please give our office a call.