This month we want to give you some advice and suggestions as the year draws to a close…..little bits of information to ensure that once the Festive Season arrives,
You are ready for it.
Start carrying out the Year End checks
  • Now is the time to service your Burglar Alarm system whether it is a commercial or home alarm.  The various Service Providers become very busy over the Festive Season so book your service early.
  • Storms and (hopefully) rain are due to arrive fairly soon – now is a good time to clean out gutters, make sure down pipes are not blocked and check for roof tiles that may be loose or broken.
  • Storms also bring down heavy branches and trees often resulting in major damage.  Check your property for overhanging branches or trees that are no longer healthy in appearance.
  • If you are planning a road trip as part of your holiday it goes without saying that your vehicle should have safety checks done prior to departure.  Remember to check that licence discs are valid for the period you will be away (including the licence discs on trailers and caravans).
  • Cross border journeys will require proof of insurance in respect of your vehicle – kindly contact our office for assistance in this regard.  You will also need to notify your vehicle Tracking Company of any cross border trip planned.
  • Update all of your Emergency numbers to ensure you have the correct contact details recorded……Roadside Assistance, specific Towing service providers, Security Company Response Unit, Medical Aid Helpline or Customer Care number, emergency service providers such as Plumbers or Electricians (after hour numbers).  It is also beneficial to record actual policy or contract numbers such as Homeowners (if you are insured through your Bond), vehicle registration numbers, Medical Aid Contract number etc.  Attending to the above could save you time and quite possibly money when you most need it
Do you know………..
  • Gas bottles may not be installed less than 1 meter sideways from doors and windows
  • Less than 2 meters from drains and air vents (or any other place where the gas can gather if the bottle leaks)
  • Less than 3 meters below windows unless a non-combustible roof is installed between the gas bottles and the bottom of the window
  • Less than 1 meter from the property boundary wall unless it is a fire wall
  • Less the 5 meters sideways away from a switchable electrical point or plug switch and socket of electrical motor or pool pump etc (not including light bulbs).
  • The Machinery and Occupational safety Act of 1993 requires owners of buildings to hold a certificate of compliance in respect of conformity of gas installations.  This applies to new installations and once again should a property be sold.  The installations would include all built in gas equipment, gas fires, heaters, gas braais, stoves, ovens and hot water systems.
Over the next few months, we plan to introduce you to our Staff members…..this month we have Ava Riley, Debbie Livingston, Merlyn Davies and Rebecca Mayo who attended a High Tea function in aid of the Sunflower foundation.
Eric Mabhida and Shoneen Schmidt took over the responsibility of Braaing to celebrate Heritage Day
And last but not least – we were honored to receive the Broker of the Year Award for the East Coast Large Independent Broker category from Mutual and Federal Insurance Company– well done to all our Staff members for their hard work thereby allowing Mutual and Federal to select our Company.
Look out for details of our new GAP Dental product next month……a very exciting product.