The relationship with our Business Clients has developed over many years and it continues to be a privilege to be able to attend to your Business Insurance requirements.
In many instances, we have been called upon to assist with personal domestic insurance needs and in recent times, we have noticed a surge in Domestic Insurance enquiries from the general public, who are keen to investigate other sources.  As a result, we now believe that our focus should be directed towards the employees of our longstanding business clients.  With the relationship already in place with the Proprietor, the extension of our service to the employees should be a natural progression.
Integrity and trust are prime factors in the development of new contracts and we are able to offer our services at this level, as proof of our diversity and the composite nature of our financial services practice.  

We believe that this campaign is important to your loyal staff, where they will be comfortable to receive the attention and service we already give to you as their Employer.
We propose opening our service doors to your staff, by initiating one-on-one contracts, during tea breaks or lunch hours, where our trained Marketers can provide appropriate advice, information and assistance regarding personal insurance matters.
Are you in Catering or running a Food Outlet or Restaurant?

If so, are you aware of the National Waste Act?

In accordance with this Act, any condemned/putrefied or deteriorated food must be collected and disposed of by the local Public Health authority or a professional waste collection and disposal Company and a certificate to this effect should be obtained.

Kindly make sure you are familiar with this Act.
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