HOW TO SPEED UP THE CLAIM PROCESS……..(what may be done to achieve a quick settlement).

Having reason to submit a claim to your Insurers may be an experience filled with anxiety and emotion – especially if the reason for the claim has been traumatic.  We will attempt to give you all the information you may need to ensure that your claim is dealt with quickly by Insurers.
  • Please notify our office of any incident as soon as it is possible for you to do so.
  • The entire claim process will be assisted by the quick return of fully completed paperwork and substantiating documents. Documents or claim forms that have not been completed fully cause unnecessary delays.
  • Important documents and information required would be one or more of the following:
  1. Fully completed claim form
  2. Details of the Police Report Number (where applicable)
  3. An accident report from a recognized service provider for all damages cellphones, laptops, iPads etc.  The Accident Report is a document which details the cause of damages in the opinion of repairers (ie, this is consistent with water damage etc) and it will usually advise if the item is repairable or not and the costs attached to this.
  4. Origional purchase invoices and/or valuation certificates
  5. In respect of motor accidents – copy of drivers licence (front and back), copy of ID document, repair quotation, full Third Party details.  The repair quotation should always be obtained from an approved repairer as this would be in your best interests.
  6. Any proof of ownership of items (for theft claims)
  • Lack of maintenance in respect of property or vehicles (remember to ensure drains and gutters are kept clear of debris, check your vehicle tyres and brakes regularly etc)
  • No  proof of ownership of items
  • No insurable interest
  • All policy wordings have exclusions to the cover Insurers are offering – it is important that you are aware of all exclusions – please ask our office for an updated policy wording if necessary or call on your advisor to explain these more fully
  • Most sections of cover carry a First Amount payable or an Excess payable – please make sure you know what these amounts are
  • Material facts refer to information that must be disclosed to Insurers.  Failure to advise Insurers of a material fact could prejudice your claim (such as failure to advise Insurers that a building may now be unoccupied, building alterations are underway, a thatch gazebo has been added, your vehicle is no longer parked in a locked garage etc)
This month we are very proud of Phyllis Ambrose who has been a loyal client for many years. Phyllis recently celebrated her 90th (yes, 90th) Birthday with her sons and family members by taking off in a hot air balloon!  Wow Phyllis – you are amazing and we are very honored to have you as our client.
A few of our Staff members have joined in the weekly (world wide) Park Run and this week, Kitty McCabe completed her 50th 5km Park Run down on North Beach.  Well done Kitty.
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