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Purpose of Employment Practices Liability cover
To defend the Employer against allegations of: Benefits of the cover: Exclusions to the cover
    Fines and Penalties
Discrimination Approved Legal Defence Costs Punitive Damages
Sexual Harassment Approved Settlements Liquidated Damages
Inappropriate Employment Conduct Awards made by the CCMA or Labour Courts Willful breaches of procedure
    Contractual Breaches
We are all living in a world where Litigation is the norm…..give your Business the protection it needs.  Premiums are competitive and cover is wide so please give our Office a call should you require more details on this new, innovative product. Our Commercial Underwriters are here to assist you.
Amendments to South Africa’s national road traffic regulations are due to take effect this month and there is concern over some of the proposals. One of these new regulations requires that the driver of the vehicle keep a declaration of the nature and quantity of goods being transported.  As the road leading from Durban harbor to Gauteng is one of the busiest commercial routes, players in this Industry feel that it is safer to have as few people as possible knowing the contents of each truck.  Hundreds of millions of Rand is lost every year as a result of syndicated crime.

The good news is that the new regulations will highlight many more safety features such as prohibiting over loading of cargo as well as compulsory insurance for all trucks and cargo.  There is also a call for more stringent legislation around driver training.

THE EFFECTS OF LOADSHEDDING ON YOUR SECURITY SYSTEM is causing a great deal of concern as frequent power failures can lead to battery failure and possible surges might damage your electronic equipment.  SAIDSA (South African Intruder Detection Services Association) urges all members of the public to ensure that your battery is in good working condition and is able to provide sufficient power to your system during power outages.  Should you have any concerns, please have your battery checked by your Service Provider.
GOODS KEPT IN THE OPEN……..what you need to know
Most domestic Insurance policies do not provide adequate cover for items kept in the open and we need to approach Insurers with the details in order to ensure that correct cover is implemented.  We are talking about Gazebo’s, garden furniture, concrete water features and pumps, jojo tanks and supply pipes, external generators and solar energy equipment not fixed to the buildings.

Should you have any concerns, please call our office and speak to one of our Underwriters.

Commercial and Business policies also have similar exclusions, so we urge you to give us a call and let us know what items you may be keeping in the open.

This month we are introducing you to our Commercial Underwriters.  The team consists of Jayne Zuidewind as the Supervisor, with Joanne Stirling, Kristen Stirling and Shoneen Schmitt who administer our Portfolio of Commercial clients.